Comments on Movement: Very Much a Part of Type

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Jody   London, International

2/26/2014 12:20:31 PM

I disagree with you Lynn. I have seen many photos where a dog looks good on the stack then I have seen it move and it is a completely different picture. There are handlers who can hide faults on the stack. As a judge I see the conformation in the movement. If it has correct conformation it will move correctly, as the article above says.

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Lynn   Wildwood, Missouri

7/22/2013 8:22:05 AM

I view a dog with impeccable conformation in a stack as dog that is able to move well. If you know your breed well enough you can “view” a dog and assess the mistakes and attributes. I don’t care who is behind the lead, whether it is a GCH or a baby. If proper shoulder layback, leg under body and correct foot placement, good short coupled body structure is not evident, then the dog will not move well. How is a dog to be considered “good type” if it is not able to move well for the job it was bred for? While it is true that a dog possessing correct structure may hold coloration or a tail set that does not look stunning it is much better to hold a dog that has a great structure than one without. Movement and structure are tantamount to perform correct fluid movement.

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