Comments on Woman Dedicates Life to Dogs Who Helped Her Heal

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LINDA   Miami, Florida

6/6/2014 12:09:14 PM


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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

10/18/2013 3:49:45 AM

Wow what a beautful story. Because of people like Cummuis the world is a little better place.

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Melian and Tiny   E, CA

10/14/2013 11:44:53 PM

That's wonderful. Great photo too!

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Rilla   Wichita, Kansas

10/12/2013 6:23:05 AM

You are truly one of Gods special angels. I'm sure when you walk on your property with all the four legged babies beside you and God is walking on the other side, and saiding "Well done my child, well
I Thank you for taking care of all the babies old and young for letting them know what love is, so when they cross the bridge to heaven that that love goes with them, and they wait on the others, plus you and your husband. :-)

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Karen   Honduras, International

10/9/2013 11:37:07 PM

Maureen is the living example, how as "humanity" must to be, if we are Less selfish and help to another living thing, people or animal, this world could be a real Paradise. Thanks for your good heart and do all this for the small ones, which only can paid, given LOVE back... and that is all we need!


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Max   Bogota, International

10/9/2013 9:34:53 PM

Fantastic!! I am acquainted with people who is also willing to help dogs, and admire them very much. You are giving a magnific example for those who can do the same.

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Erica   Ukiah, California

10/9/2013 8:46:27 PM

Thank you.

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sandy   uncasville, Connecticut

10/9/2013 6:22:03 PM

you are indeed an angel,,,God has blessed you with the means to give His creatures a safe loving home frankly I am sort of jealous, because I would LOVE to be able to do what you have done....there should be more people like you and your husband...

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Vernell   Boise, Idaho

10/9/2013 2:27:31 PM

You are truly an amazing example how pet not pills really works!!!

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D.   Xxxx, Marshall Islands

10/9/2013 1:41:25 PM

Anyone who aspires to follow in the footsteps of these wonderful people, please remember to budget for MEDICAL expenses and not just food, water, and shelter. All animals have the right by law to receive proper and timely medical care, including dental, and far too many people become hoarders by getting in over their heads. Remember to give quality of life - the Cummins certainly have!


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Chris   St. Louis, Missouri

10/9/2013 1:28:36 PM

Can Ms. Cummins adopt me?! I'd love to live on a ranch with ponds and barns! Great job! You are angels!

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Barbara   Chesterfield, Virginia

10/9/2013 10:59:14 AM

You are truly these doggie's angel! Without a doubt! You have given them indeed a second chance at an awesome life! I think they know how lucky they all are! That's why they snuggle up to you both at night! They know! Oh yeah! My Josey was like that. When I rescued her from the pound the day before they were going to put her down, I enjoyed 14 AWESOME, hilarious, goofy wonderful years with her. Right up until then end when I indeed had to put her down for total kidney failure and she was totally dehydrated and not taking in any water or food. I just couldn't see her starve through the weekend and maybe go without me being with her during the night to say goodbye. HARDEST THING I've ever had to do. God bless you both! When I was little I always dreamed of having 10 acres, having a VET on call and try and find them homes. But alas, I've had to adapt that theory to suburban life.

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Sally   Sahuarita, Arizona

10/9/2013 9:31:34 AM

This is for Pat in Patchogue, New York. I know dogs (and cats) are psychic. I suggest you get an very calm adult (rescue) dog and let him sleep in the bed alongside your grandson. The dog will bond with Austin and will soon pick up on any distress from the boy. This will also comfort Austin and perhaps reduce the number of seizures. Blessing to you and your family.

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Candi   Royal Oak, Michigan

10/9/2013 9:30:53 AM

What a wonderful story. The dogs who live on the property are so very lucky!! How cool. Thank you for all you do for the dogs.

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Pam   Victoria, Texas

10/9/2013 9:25:13 AM

Hope springs eternal, upon reading of this utopia on earth. I have 12 Rescues on only 7 acres. I aspire to follow in the Cummins' footsteps & in the future get more land for more Rescues. Thank you for your work & love for our 4-footed companions, and thanks for sharing this story. Namaste'.

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Lee   Albert Lea, Minnesota

10/9/2013 8:43:25 AM

Wow! What a wonderful, wonderful story. If I could, this is what I'd have loved to do but couldn't so, through the years, have adopted various dogs to live with me each having their own wonderful personality that endears them to you. Right now, I have an American Foxhound (Ky) that had been abandoned 7 years ago and an Australian Cattle dog (Max) who is blind and had a hard time finding a home 4 years ago.. The two are like attached twins and are both wonderful and, in many ways, so "human!" Lee Bangert, Albert Lea, MN

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Pat   Patchogue, New York

10/9/2013 8:39:36 AM

I have a question, my 16 year old Grandson was hit by a hit and run driver om March 23rd, he has had 20 surgeries to date and from moment of impact he has been in a coma, he suffers from a severe traumatic brain injury and since last surgery he had been having seizures which are internal so we don't know when he is having, he is taking lots of med for it and he is at home in a coma since it was that or a nursing home, we are trying to locate a seizure dog and by us there is a 3 year waiting list, anyone out there that can help, this family is under such stress and financial burden since this happened and it was through no fault of there own, we still do not know Austin outcome and it has been over 6 months since we have seen him smile or speak. Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.

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Nancy   Lasdysbrige Ireland, International

10/9/2013 8:35:54 AM

You are ONE FANTASTIC HUMAN BEING!! God Bless You and thank you with all my heart!

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joyce   monroe twp, New Jersey

10/9/2013 8:35:49 AM

I want to live there!!!!!!!Can I bring my 2 dogs that rescued me after my husband suddenly died one year ago today???God bless you.

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April   Los Angeles, California

10/9/2013 8:08:50 AM

To HALO and the five ladies who have commented above, Amen! I agree with you totally -- and I don't think would even dream of leaving that loving home either if I were any one of these lucky, lucky dogs .. Bless 'em all, every one, and especially the Cummins family. [PS: I do love the daily Halo quiz....]

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