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Dogwood Dog Park (at Victor Ashe Park)

4901 Bradshaw Road
Knoxville, TN

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Robbie - Knoxville, TN
Rating: 5


Both of my yorkies absolutely love this park. This is the one place that I can bring them and let them run and play with the other dogs for about three hours, bring them home, and have them sleep the rest of the evening. Because this was the city's first dog park, it is a little dated and could use some renovations, like an updated drink fountain, improved doggie waste bag dispensers, and just maybe moving the trash cans a little closer to the fence area so that people can throw their dog wast bags away much easier without having to go out of the fenced in area and risk having someone eases pet escape out of it. I mention improved dog waste bag dispensers because many of us are having contribute our own grocery bags that we save from our grocery store outings and refill the dispensers ourselves using our donated bags. Is this not one of the reasons why us city residents pay both sales and property taxes for?

Review 2 out of 2

leah - knoxville, TN
Rating: 3


The only reason's why I would give it 3 stars is because they have a chainlink fence that is only about 4 ft. and one of my dogs that i took there nearly escaped about 15 times so i would like to see better fence and better quality and fix all the holes under the fence,also there is a few other things like:when you enter the front gaten there is 2 gates well when people open those gates the dog can sneak out can you fix that.also it says keep the dogs on the leash does everyone keep there dogs on leashes NO they dont but i do because i dont want my dogs to get hurt,start fights with other dogs,escape or someone to dognap them.but i have 4 dogs 3 chihuahuas buddy,oeo and mr.grizzley bear and a border collie so i do not want my dogs at that park if there is that many problems.but i got some ideas for your park here they are: put more dog bowls out for all the dogs to drink out of,put a new water fountain so people can get water there and yours does NOT work,also go to the pet store or something buy a couple of cheap toys like thge squeaky toys,kong,those trie/rope toys any toys.also get a better fence (you can get chainlink)just get a better chainlink fence.put better entrances.get more agiltiy equiqment.get some grass seed and plant it also clean up the park about 2-3 times a week,also you could put benches or chairs that would REALLY help out,also buy some cheap dog collars and leashes at the pet store or someplace for the dog park.and you can also do these things plant some flowers,bushes or trees in the dog park.put some rocks in the park HUGE ones of course and then put some medium sized ones and then some small ones.also you can put a dog treat or dog food dispenser for the dogs.i would go to that park all the time.and sometimes i will o and sometimes its a no no.

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