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Howard and Erna Soldan Dog Park

1601 East Cavanaugh Rd.
Lansing, MI

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Diverse natural area, trails, large pond, expansive open field. Lots of room for dogs to roam off-leash with you close by, of course! Pet / human drinking fountains, plenty of poop bags.
Amenities: Benches, Disposal bags, Fenced
Alternative Phone:
Park Website:
Fee: Free, donations welcome.
Membership Requirement: none
Park Hours: We operate year-round on the same hours as Hawk Island park. Hours depend on the season.
Park Size: More than 17 acres
Fenced? Yes

Park Reviews

Review 1 out of 4

Cindy - Holt, MI
Rating: 5


My dogs have a blast everytime we go. It has taught them to interact with others and get the excercise they need along with us. How do we go about getting benches to sit and watch them play in the water?

Review 2 out of 4

Judy - Lansing, MI
Rating: 5


Soldan Dog Park is a blast for dogs AND their owners. My Gracie loves to come and play in the water, run with those who like to race, and we both meet new friends each time.

Review 3 out of 4

Linda - Lansing, MI
Rating: 5


The Soldan dog park is fantastic. With wooded trails to hike, open areas to run, and a pond for swimming, it has it all. Best of all, it is large enough to seldom feel crowded, even on the busiest weekends.

Review 4 out of 4

Ken - laingsburg, MI
Rating: 5


Soldan Dog Park is....what can I say other than awesome! Its 18 acres, with a large pond in the middle, is the ideal setting for the dogs to run, swim, and socialize. If everyone follows the basic rules, this will remain the top spot to take your dog(s).

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