Brother From Another Mother: Dog Video Roundup

Dogs are known for being man’s best friends and many get along with other pets too, but these dogs have found friendship in some unexpected places.

By | Posted: June 16, 2014, 5 p.m. PST

Dogs have big hearts and that means they make a lot of friends, including ones you may not expect. Check out this sweet interspecies friendships that are just doggone cute!

Check out these 5 unexpected friendships.

1. We all know dogs love to have fun, but have you ever seen a dog horsing around quite like this? Tara, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, enjoys a little playtime with his pal.

2. Zeke has always wanted a running buddy. Now, he is able to find one in the form of a deer. These two race back and forth with a fence between them. You can see Zeke’s excitement throughout the whole video! Miraculously enough, the deer came back to play a couple more times later in the day, according to Zeke’s owner Margaret Wray.

3. This might be the most adorable friendship I have ever seen. This hound dog and Orangutan are the best buddies ever.

4. Maybe not as warm and fuzzy, but certainly an interesting friendship, this dog simply can't get enough of this Koi fish friend. 

5. A friendship you'll never forget!

Does your dog have an unusual pet as a friend? Share with us below!

More Insterspecies Friendships



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