Missing or Lost Dog?

How to get your dog back when he goes missing.


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Extra! Extra! Have your parents place advertisements in newspapers and on local radio stations. Include your dogs sex, age, weight, breed, color and any special markings.

Alert shelters.
File a lost pet report with shelters in your area, and visit those shelters as often as possible to search for your dog. To find local shelters, visit pets911.com or check your phone book. Its better to visit rather than call, because shelters are often understaffed and may not have time to search adequately for you.

Officer! Work with your parents to notify the police if you believe your pet was stolen.

Search the Internet.
Check out lost-dog databases on the Internet such as dogdetective.com, pets911.com, fidofinder.com, lostdog.com and missingpet.net.

Alrighty, then!
Consult a pet detective. If your dog has been gone for four days or more, or if you live in or near a largely populated/visited area, you may want to consult a professional pet detective (yes, they do exist!).

Stay the course.
Don't give up your search too soon. Even if your dog is lost for a few weeks, you still have a chance of finding him, says Julie Pasquinelli, communications manager for pets911.com. Its at that point that you should put up new fliers and keep looking.

Prevention is Key
Preventing your dog from getting lost is the most important thing, Pasquinelli says. Kids should never walk their dogs off-leash unless they're in a securely fenced area.

According to Pasquinelli, if a dog is off-leash, its impossible to predict what sight, sound or scent may trigger him to run. And once a dog runs, it can be difficult to get him back.

For example, she says, a Beagle, no matter how well trained, will follow his nose anywhere. A Siberian Husky can travel 25 miles in a day if he's following something interesting. And Greyhounds can go in any direction at 45 miles an hour!

Another way to help keep your dog safe and close to home is to spay (for a female) or neuter (for a male) them a simple operation that sterilizes an animal (makes them unable to reproduce). That way, they will be dramatically less interested in wandering off to search for other dogs. Obedience training makes a big difference, too.

Don't just train them to come to you, though, Pasquinelli warns. Have a whistle or a special call that gets your dogs attention. Make sure that he always thinks that you are more fun, loving and interesting than that leaf blowing in the wind.

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