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January 24, 2013




January 2013 Dogs in Review

January 2013

Page 54

The AKC Chairman's Report

The true essence of AKC breeders.
By Alan Kalter

Page 54

The AKC/Eukanuba Best Bred-by-Exhibitor Group Winners

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6 | Editor’s Page by Allan Reznik More>>

10 | Bo Bengtson At Large: The Best Breeders More>>

30 | Success in Show Dogs: History of the Dogs In Review Winkies
by Richard G. ("Rick") Beauchamp

38 | From My Perspective: The Role of Personal Integrity More>>
by Jason Hoke

42 | Health Matters: When Illness Strikes at Your National Specialty
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

65 | The British Connection: Coat Testing Update, Death of Top Dog and Year-End Shows
by Simon Parsons

68 | World in Review: Scandinavia, Belgium, Argentina, Australia

110 | National Specialty Reports

150 | Show Scene: Late November to Mid-December 2012

155 |

158 | Rates and Deadlines

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