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DOG FANCY, Dog World, Dogs in Review, Dogs for Kids, Popular Dogs, Popular Puppies, Dogs USA, Puppies USA, and DogChannel.com are part of the I-5 Publishing LLC stable of magazines and books. I-5 Publishing LLC is the leader in special interest pet magazines, trade magazines, books, and websites dedicated to pet-loving consumers, pet-supply retailers, veterinarians, breeders and pet professionals worldwide. Divisions of I-5 Publishing LLC include I-5 Publishing Magazines, Books, News, Global Distribution Services and www.AnimalNetwork.com.

News on dogchannel.com provided by I-5 Publishing News, a division of I-5 Publishing LLC. I-5 Publishing News consists of reporters that specialize in covering the pet industry and its communities. News is supplemented by Dog Fancy magazine’s team of editors, photographers and writers who specialize in all-things dog.

DOG FANCY is the world's most widely read dog magazine, celebrating dogs and the people who love them. First-time and seasoned owners turn to the magazine for expert information and entertainment. Each issue includes cutting-edge medical developments, health and fitness (with a focus on prevention, treatment and natural therapy), behavior and training, travel and activities, breed profiles and dog news, issues and trends for purebred and mixed-breed dogs. The magazine informs, inspires and entertains readers while promoting responsible dog ownership. Throughout its more than 35-year history, DOG FANCY has garnered numerous honors, including being named the Best All-Breed Magazine by the Dog Writers Association of America.

Dogs in Review
Written for the discerning breeder, exhibitor, handler and judge, Dogs in Review covers the sport of conformation dog showing from a unique, global perspective.  With its emphasis on strong editorial, Dogs in Review's acclaimed writers cover the history, current events, people, and dogs that make up the sport of showing purebred dogs.

Popular Dogs
Popular Dogs is a series of breed-specific magabooks (books in magazine format) that inform and instruct about the care necessary to properly raise specific breeds. Titles in include Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas, Beagles and more than 40 other popular breeds. This line also includes more than 20 health and training volumes, from Training Secrets for Boxers to Housetraining.

Popular Puppies
Popular Puppies is a series of breed-specific magabooks (books in magazine format) that inform and instruct about the care necessary to properly raise a dog during that most important time in his life: puppyhood. The first title in this line, Yorkshire Terrier Puppies, was released in 2008.

Dogs USA
The Dogs USA yearly fall annual is the complete guide to choosing, raising and caring for a purebred puppy for first-time and more experienced buyers, serving as a comprehensive resource throughout a dog’s lifetime. It also helps prospective owners choose the best dogs for their future needs, such as a potential show champion, super service dog, great pet or a competitive star.

Puppies USA
The Puppies USA yearly spring annual is an easy-to-read, fun guide to adopting or buying a new puppy — whether mixed breed or purebred. It also features expert advice on nutrition, grooming, healthcare, training, and socialization and serves as a comprehensive resource throughout the puppy's first year.

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The internet is awash in content, but not all content is equal. Our professionals and experts put our content at the top of its class. What we provide isn't just good information, it is the best information available on a topic.


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  1. All medical articles on the Animal Network sites are sourced or written by professional veterinarians who specialize in that particular animal, and their names are cited.
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  3. New medical articles are updated monthly on our sites.


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