Deb M. Eldredge, DVM, Contributing Writer

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

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Deb M. Eldredge, DVM, lives in upstate New York and is a veterinary graduate of Cornell University. She was the first recipient of The Gentle Doctor Award given at Cornell for the Best Patient Care. She has been mostly in small-animal practice and is now semi-retired. Her interests include genetics, cancer and preventive medicine as well as sports medicine for dogs.

She has been involved with purebred dogs and dog sports since 1978, participating in obedience, herding, tracking, rally, agility and conformation. Outside of AKC she also does freestyle and therapy work. Currently she is exploring treibball and nosework.

Eldredge currently lives with five dogs — two Belgian Tervurens who are hers, two Australian Shepherds and one Pembroke Welsh Corgi, all of whom belong to her children. Her daughter has another Belgian Tervuren at college with her. Three of those dogs are Champion Trackers — AKC’s most elite championship.

She has a small farm so she also has horses, sheep and ducks. Her dogs work as well as compete. Eldredges’s two children have grown up “doggy” and also compete with their dogs. One of the Champion Trackers belongs to her daughter. Eldredge feels involvement with dogs has been wonderful for her two children. She also ran the county dog 4-H program for 10 years.

Eldredge is involved in local kennel and obedience clubs as well as breed clubs. She has been on the ABTC Health Committee for many years. She has also been an instructor for agility, obedience and rally. Her dogs are family or owner handled.

She has written a health column for Dogs in Review for years now and special features for Dog World and the Popular Dog series. Eldredge is an award-winning writer with multiple Maxwells from DWAA and other writing awards. She is author or co-author of nine books.

Animals are her life and she firmly believes that companion animals are very important in the lives of many, many people. The world would be a darker place without our purebred dogs.

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