Gerald Post, D.V.M

Meet the cancer doctor.

Gerald Post, D.V.M., is the owner of The Veterinary Cancer Center, an 8,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art comparative oncology center in Norwalk, Conn. He is one of only approximately 330 board-certified veterinary oncologists in the United States.


Gerald Post



Post has authored many papers and book chapters on the topics of oncology and hematology, and was recognized in 2002 by New York magazine as one of the best veterinarians in the tri-state area. Recently, Post and his colleagues authored two seminal papers significantly advancing the treatment of both B-cell lymphoma and T-cell lymphoma in dogs. Post champions the field of comparative oncology, believing  that the knowledge gained through comparative oncology can be used to cure many cancers not only in animals, but also in humans.

Post has a French Bulldog named Lola and a Rottweiler named Lucius.

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