Bernese Mountain Dog

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Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Switzerland
AKC Group:Working Group
UKC Group:Guardian
Use today:Herding
Life Span:7 to 10 years
Color:Black with tan and white markings.
Coat:Long, slightly wavy outer hair with soft undercoat.
Grooming:Brush weekly. Groom weekly to monthly. Clean ears and teeth regularly.
Size:Large Dog Breed
Height:23 to 27.5 inches at the withers
Weight:Proportionate to height

Regarded by many as the most beautiful of the four breeds of Swiss Mountain Dogs, the Bernese is the only one with a long coat. Its ancestry traces to mastiff-type dogs of Roman times, which crossbred with local herding dogs to produce offspring smaller in stature but just as trustworthy and devoted. The mountain dogs herded livestock and were used as cart dogs to transport goods and produce to market. A large dog measuring up to 27.5 inches at the shoulder, the Bernese has a medium-long, glossy black coat with distinctive markings in reddish brown and white. Vigorous weekly brushing keeps the coat looking trim. This breed likes lots of exercise and is often seen pulling carts in parades. The Bernese is most comfortable in a large home with a yard and thrives in cold weather. This faithful family companion is an excellent watchdog.


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