Canadian Eskimo Dog

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Canada
AKC Group:Rare
UKC Group:Northern Breed
Color:White, buff, red, grey, sable or brown with some white markings.
Coat:Thick and dense.
Size:Large Dog Breed
Height:27.5 inches at the shoulder.
Weight:In working condition males can weigh up to 88 pounds; females are proportionately smaller.

A strong hunting, sled and pack dog of the Canadian Arctic, the Canadian Inuit/Eskimo Dog's history dates back about 2,000 years. Called 'Qimmiq' by the Inuit, the breed figured prominently in polar expeditions and has the reputation of being able to work long hours in extremely low temperatures. Capable of pulling up to 150 pounds per dog all day long, but not at fast speeds, the breed didn't attract the racing fraternity as did the Siberian Husky. As the snowmobile took over much of the work traditionally performed by these dogs, its numbers declined drastically. It is estimated that in the 1920s the population stood at 20,000. Within 50 years this number had been reduced to less than 200. A project headed by William Carpenter and funded by The Canadian Kennel Club, private citizens and the Canada Council saved the breed from extinction. With typical Spitz outline, this powerful breed has a thick dense coat. Color may be all white, buff, red, grey, sable or brown with some white markings. Males measure up to 27.5 inches at the shoulder and in working condition weigh up to 88 pounds. Females are proportionately smaller.


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