German Shepherd Dog | MALE | 25 YEARS OLD | Long Beach, CA

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Hi! My name is Mizar. I am a German Shepherd Dog from Long Beach, CA

Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/3/1991
Age: 25
Weight: more than 100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: This photo didn’t end up on the front page of the L.A. Times because of my celebrity status. It’s the handsome devil to my left that always drew the crowds. “She’s so beautiful!” women would exclaim as they knelt before the lion and pet his soft fur. “She s a he” I would reply with a sly smile, What’s his name was the next obvious question, Mizar, Mizar? What kind of name is that? At this point I looked the attractive girl in the eyes as she pet the great and powerful Mizar and told the tale. As puppy he looked like a little bear but such a common name was simply out of the question. Recalling Greek mythology I examined the star cluster Ursula Major, The Great Bear. Pouring over every star that connected the dots of that ancient celestial drawing I found the star Mizar. It’s also the second star in the handle of the big dipper, he became The Great Mizar.We launched into discussions of astrology or philosophy, which always resulted in pleasant dialog (sometimes a phone number). Beautiful women would walk directly up to me and engage in a conversation on a regular basis! Did I make mention of my celebrity status? This wasn’t my plan, I didn’t want a dog, and in fact I’m a cat lover. My girlfriend had a dog and her dog had puppies. Born in my closet with 6 brothers and sisters he was the ugly duckling. As people pawed the blond ones and cute red ones the little black and gray runt was ignored. He was a lone pup, I became his father and a 15-year journey began with this regal beast. The scruffy runt became the hansom prince with a truly magnetic personality. Everyone loved Mizar. My neighbors often vied to walk him when I was gone. The entire block felt safer having this 120 lb lion guarding the gates. And that he did. His bark was the equivalent of a shotgun blast. Whether Gently playing with my young daughter or being a companion to my ailing father Mizar fiercely protected us all. We never felt so secure. On 12/9/06 I put him to sleep. This was the most difficult, painful thing I have ever done. Four of us cried and petted our majestic hero as he drifted to sleep. Completely calm and happy to be with his family the great Mizar left us. I could have never imagined that a dog would have such an impact on my life. A great loss to all who knew him, Great Mizar you will truly be missed.
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