Rottweiler | FEMALE | 14 YEARS OLD | Mission Viejo, CA

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Hi! My name is Darla. I am a Rottweiler from Mission Viejo, CA

Nicknames: Lalis Malis, Tubby, Tub of Lard, My Little Chubs, Chubby McChub Chubs, ya she's a chubby one! lol
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/11/2001
Age: 14
Weight: more than 100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Darla hasn't completed any obedient school or anything but we trained her ourselves and she's a very well-behaved dog. We are very proud of Darla because she has accomplished keeping two burglars out of the house on two different occassions! Our family has nine members and she makes us feel very secure, we are never scared or feel uncomfortable in our house as long as she is around.
My pet peeves: She has many, many pet peeves!! I mean you guys can't understand how many she has!!! hahaha...she absolutely hates the vacuum!! Everytime she sees is she barks and bites it. She doesn't like to be hugged around her stomach or picked up, doesn't like people around her while she has her bone. And she hates it when people sit on her couch, she has many more but we'll just leave it at that.
My hobbies: Darla's main hobbies are sleeping and eating. And she barks a lot, too. She also likes to chew on blankets.
My favorite hang out spot? Her couch. You can't mess with her couch because she will not be a happy camper!
My favorite grub: Darla's favorite grub is mainly human food, which isn't the healthiest for her, but what can I say?? She really enjoys steak and chicken, but we're trying to cut down on feeding her that food. That's why she's so big!! hahahaha
My favorite treat: Her favorite treat isn't really a dog treat it's a human treat, hot cheetos! I know it sounds really bad, but like I said we're trying to cut back on the human food (besides my brother got her into all the human food).
My favorite tricks: Her favorite trick is probably laying down! lol...she's a little on the lazy side, but what can you do, right??
What I love about my owner: Well, Darla loves all of us, since there's nine of us. She loves my mom the most, but the rest she loves equally.
Motto Never Let Food Go To Waste!!!
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