|| Koda *Rest in Peace* || 12/10/05-12/11/14 <3

Yorkshire Terrier | MALE | 10 YEARS OLD | Port Lions, AK

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|| Koda *Rest in Peace* || 12/10/05-12/11/14 <3

About Me

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Hi! My name is || Koda *Rest in Peace* || 12/10/05-12/11/14 <3. I am a Yorkshire Terrier from Port Lions, AK

Nicknames: Koda Bear
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/10/2005
Age: 10
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: M
My pet peeves: Balloons!
My hobbies: Going outside and playing fetch and sometimes barking!
My favorite hang out spot?
My favorite grub: Corn beef and carrots xD
My favorite treat: Probably mini steaks or jerky treats and cat food.
My favorite tricks: To beg and roll over(:
What I love about my owner: DOTD: February 25th '09 February 26th '10 July 28th '11DOTM: ________________
Motto My Friends:Takoda: 12316Shadow: 108407Muffin,Brandon,Peanut: 117899Little Bit & Paco: 85816Kaley: 44263Rooti: 56964Gidget: 90081Fiona: 11593Peanut Marie: 37824Audrina: 65888Jake: 10508Rufus: 29910Scruffy: 39348Toodles & Little Bit: 64619Lorna DooneToone: 90729Cinder-ella: 136013Duncan: 135930LadyBug: 38208Tiffany: 66345Alabama Gang:43042Buddy:92175Winston: 149978Brutus and Buckeye: 44198Henry: 117507Little Bit: 137322Sassy: 1408Bixie: 57810Prince: 164255Lulu: 164821Regis: 116698Merlin: 101529Angel Lita: 102560 Missy: 66148Shotgun: 26288Buffy: 24282Woody: 170980Keshia: 199390Valentina: 160221Brandi: 157119Angel Ozzy: 214112Pongo: 105429Kodi: 205684Dixie: 108453Berlioz: 211020Goldie: 110234Lady & Trampers: 188243Brownie: 214333Bella: 178688Bud: 202895Jax: 173668Zoey: 145114Peaka: 101122Grant: 215357Benjamin: 199472Toby: 208028
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