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Poodle, Standard | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Rantoul, IL

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Wahoo!!!! A birthday & DOTD. Thank you furiends for voting for me.


Regis ~ 116698

About Me

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Hi! My name is Regis ~ 116698. I am a Poodle, Standard from Rantoul, IL

Nicknames: Pretty Boy, Romeo
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/26/2008
Age: 8
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: AKC Canine Good Citizen
Rally O
American Cancer Society Bark for Life
DOTD 9/20/2009
DOTD 5/7/2011
DOTD 5/27/12
My pet peeves: When Abbie, his German Shepherd sister guards the ball so he can't play
My hobbies: Started having seizures on 3/21/11. Diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy on 8/22/11 by the Neurologist at Purdue University. I am on 500 mg of Keppra that I have to take every 8 hours to control my seizures. Keppra is a medication used for humans & not alot is known about how it works or controls seizures. It is one of the safest anti-seizure meds with the least side effects.1/24/12 diagnosed with Addison's. My adrenal glands no longer work. I have to have prednisone daily & a monthly injection of DOCP.
My favorite hang out spot? Standing on top of the couch so he can watch everything that happens outside.
My favorite grub: Wellness Simple Solutions Rice & Salmon or Potato & Duck
My favorite treat: Pupcorn, Pupperoni
My favorite tricks: Bang - dead dog, sit, down, wait
What I love about my owner: She lets me sleep on top of her :) My seizures sometimes cause me to wet the bed & she still lets me sleep on top her even though she gets wet.
Motto Mission Statement: Recognition of the Parti Poodle in AmericaIn the very beginnings of poodle breed history, the poodle existed as only three types. Either solid black, solid white or black & white known as the parti-colored poodle. In the early 1900's the parti-colored was disqualified by the AKC, UKC, etc. After reviewing historical documentation the UKC & other countries are now recognizing the parti-colored poodle. The AKC is still denying our color. Hopefully at some point, this great country of ours will catch up with the other countries in recognizing a color that has been around as long as the solid colored poodles.
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