Border Collie | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Roseburg, OR

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Hi! My name is Sasha. I am a Border Collie from Roseburg, OR

Nicknames: Sash, Sashie, puppy dog, pup.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 3/15/2004
Age: 11
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Sasha has gone on the innertube when we go boating. She is an Xtreme K-9!! She has also gone over jumps in sleds. She has some training, but definitely has attitude, so sometimes her training escapes her brain.
My pet peeves: Sasha does not like squirrels in her yard. She does not like cats that poop in the bark mulch in her yard. Sasha doesn't like being teased about her boyfriend. She is also very afraid of cow hooves, we have yet to find out why.
My hobbies: Fetching the ball, picking up crumbs in the kitchen. Loves riding on the tube and jumping off the swim deck of the boat. Playing in the snow. Curling up by the cough when her family watches tv. Greeting visitors. Stalking people from her window. Disrupting school with her loud squeaky toys. Chasing "the bug" (laser light).
My favorite hang out spot? In the corner of the couch. The middle of the living room. Under her owner's desk (it's like her own personal dog house). At the upstairs window, where she can see all that goes on in the outside world.
My favorite grub: Science diet (small bites) and various types of canned food.
My favorite treat: Regular crunchy biscuits, pigs ears, rawhide sticks and anything she can get her paws on really.
My favorite tricks: She likes to dance, she likes to lay down, sit and shake. She also likes to jump over stacks of pillows. She's very good at hide and seek with her family. And she is also very good at surgically removing the stuffing from her stuffed animal toys.
What I love about my owner: The 24/7 love and attention that I get. I always get to go places in the car and outside.
Motto "Nobama, no squirrels and no cats"
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