Rat Terrier | MALE | 10 YEARS OLD | Creston, NC

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Hi! My name is CHICO'S. I am a Rat Terrier from Creston, NC

Nicknames: JELLY BEAN
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/9/2005
Age: 10
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Chico's got house broke very quickly. he now is boss of the house. He makes sure his buddy TJ-golden retiver goes out for potty call, he also bosses dad. lets him know, when the timmer on stove goes off. when his food dish is empty, and when huck the cast wants in. amung other duties, such as watching over mom in tub or shower. he will carry some dirty wash to laurndry room with mom. reminds us to lock doors at night....he is very busy with all his responiblites for, which he took it upon himself to do.He also knows when its time for my meds at night, and reminds me, of course he
jelly beans for rewards..
My pet peeves: mom being on the computer too long espically at our nap time.
My hobbies: stealing.any thing of dads, including false teeth, lighters, he likes to have dad false teeth in his mouth, and does it right, with big toothie grin.
My favorite hang out spot? breakfest bar with mom,on her lap. while she has coffee in morning.
My favorite grub: mom cooks for me.and we eat dinner together. I really like my veggies best. and i have beneful and i eat together alot.
My favorite treat: pup-corn.jelly beans.and chewies.
My favorite tricks: "stealing"sitting like a ground hog. and a lot of tricks i do for something i really want. Iam full of hear mom laugh at me,
What I love about my owner: I love my mommy so much.our birthdays are just days apart. daddy baked us a cake. I love to eat in bed with mom. and watch T.V. we snuggle so good. after mom is a sleep tho, i go out and try to get dad to come to bed. if hes snacking i join him also, I know iam very loved. and iam with mom all the time. She makes sure i never go out side alone. we live in the mts. its quite here. Iam not afraid of any thing. cause mom is always with me. I also get to take a bath with her sometimes,,,i love to have a bath.we have a whirlpool tub and oh the water feels so good, she makes sure the water isn't too hot. I also go and get in the shower with her. I can open the shower door by my self. she giggles alot at me, so i know i make her so happy,and i love just to be with her every moment. she says i make the perfect only child...
Motto Jelly Beans, keeps the glummies away....every day.
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