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Bichon Frise | MALE | 7 YEARS OLD | Newark, CA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 28, 2009


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Bichon Frise Club

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Hi! My name is Bichon Frise Club. I am a Bichon Frise from Newark, CA

Nicknames: BFC!!!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/28/2009
Age: 7
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Members!!!(Just leave me a comment if you wanna join!)
1. Koko
2. Alby
5. Niko
6. Missy
7. Max
8. Bella
9. Sophie
10. Angel
11. Quincy
12. Boo
13. Holly
14. Calvin
15. Sydney
16. Matilda
17. Jacques
18. Pooky
19. Lexi Shea
20. Kiku
21. Tessy Ann Tims
My pet peeves: If you would like to share with the club, just leave a comment or a request!!! I'll be setting up a scrapbook with member pictures(You don't have to have your picture in it!) Rules: 1. No bad language or things 2. Enjoy as much as you can!!! (If you want, you can come up with ideas! I'll be making a calendar with birthdays coming up!!!)
My hobbies: Jobs!!! President: Koko=Makes the ideas and helps pick themes for the club parties, holidays, etc. (I'll have a calendar on the web, which dates the parties, holidays, events!) Sends out the Monthly NS!(NEwsletter) V PRez:COCO=Makes the weekly newsletter (*I'll tell you what to put in, then you can add anything else you like!)Also an idea dog!!! Assistant of the President and the Vice Prez: ALBY = helps the President and VP if and thing needed. WARNING~HE WILL NOT SERVE AS A SLAVE!!! Dogs have rights too. Remember! Reporter:OPEN=Gathers news and sends out any important things to the Members! *you can make a daily NS if you like*includes the DOTD! You pick the themes for the Invitations and NS Supreme Court:OPEN(3dogs)=Determines whether something is okay for a member or not! Helps create the CLub's contests and parties! 1. Angel=12411 2. 3. 4. GUard Dog: Boo=Watches over site and sends out blog invitations! (Watch over member behavior on site) *I'll tell you what you have to do for each job! (IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS FOR JOBS, JUST TELL ME!)
My favorite hang out spot? Member of the Month! (Will start after the Club is organized) Approx. 1-2 months!
My favorite grub: BFC Friends: 1.
My favorite treat: EVENTs: --Staff Developement Party! (When the Staff is full, I'll make a party!) *Everyone is invited
My favorite tricks: Judges will be deciding which tricks and treats are most successful!
What I love about my owner: She helped build this club! just keep on going with your duties as a companion dog! *We'll be having a scrapbook with the members and moments with the bluc. I'll add a calendar, too, just to tell the events!
Motto *In the Process of Updating the club! I hope you enjoy this club! It is a place to have fun, and know your qualities as a companion dog(BIchon Frise) Us Bichons are very very wonderful dogs. In fact, if you are one, you are lucky, and if you're not, I think you'll have fun being one. This is a place to know your breed and share things, make friends, etc. We'll be performing and sharing qualities + stories. Hope we all have a nice time! Hey Bichons! We are running alittle slow, but hopefully we can get back to all our activities in Summer time!!! Woof and a thanks to all your support and votes!
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