Angel Baby; HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE 12/20 - Rain Bow Bridge Nurse 8yrs DC.

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 20 YEARS OLD | Allen, TX

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 20, 2007

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Thank you so very much for my Dotd honors today September 12, 2015. I appreciate your love and care during my life and after my death. Baby


Angel Baby;  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE 12/20 - Rain Bow Bridge Nurse 8yrs DC.

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Hi! My name is Angel Baby; HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE 12/20 - Rain Bow Bridge Nurse 8yrs DC.. I am a Mixed Breed from Allen, TX

Nicknames: Baby-Girl, Sweetie, Texas Trio, Nurse Baby
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/20/1995
Age: 20
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I have taught myself how to navigate around our house and the park off leash since going blind. I still swim in the two lakes at the park, too!! I love to go for truck rides & visit family! On April 10, 2007 & 5/3/10 I won DOG OF THE DAY. I am now part of the Dog Channel A-TEAM: NURSE BABY & An AARD Member, and part of the Choir.
I was voted in as a winner in the My Dog is a Hero 2nd Place on Sept. 14th, 2007. I dedicate this honor to my Grampa (RIP/9-29-07). He was a Veternarian for over 40yrs and had to of been a hero over and over again to many pets and family's. October 1, 2007, I was voted in as the 1st place winner of the best smile contest, 2nd place overall. I dedicate that award to my 7yo human Niece, Moriah. She is the photographer that took my picture.
DOTD 12/20/2011, 9/12/15
My pet peeves: All other dogs, 'cept for Franklin 14384, and Kasidee 15927, my adopted canine brother and sister, and my Dog Channel Fur Friends!!
My hobbies: I tend to sleep a lot. Before going blind I ran fast and climbed up our 6ft wooden fence, perched myself on top of it and looked into everyones back-yard, that lived around us, ha-ha! My people joked about me being the neighborhood spy!!
My favorite hang out spot? Anywhere soft and quiet. Same room as Franklin [14384] and Kasidee [15927]. I try to follow Mom around too, she helps me keep up with her if I can't on my own.
My favorite grub: I will eat anything. But, my people are careful with me since I am a diabetic.
My favorite treat: I really like cow ears, animal crackers, chicken noodle soup and yogurt.
My favorite tricks: I used to be able to catch anything tossed my way, and
What I love about my owner: They didn't put me down when they found out I was a diabetic at age 9. They give me two shots of insulin a day and always give me a special treat after my shot. They are so gentle with me.
Motto What time is my next belly rub?? DOB 12/20/95 - 8/17/2009. Remember to smile *•_•* Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), A-Team Nurse.
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