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Tuesday was a rough day for our family. Our dear brother bunny, Freedom has passed away. Momma came home to him laying down on his side with his face in the ground. He didnt get up like he usually did when momma goes near his cage. He was breathing, but he wouldnt move. He was so limp in momma arms when she held him. He was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, he died on the vets table. Momma couldnt go inside because she was so scared and couldnt stop crying, so she was not able to say goodbye. The vet says it mightve been old age, though we didnt know he was that old. We buried him under a tree in our backyard. Momma is so heartbroken, she was preparing to bring him inside for the winter. She also thought she'd have many more years with him, so this has been a shock to all of us. We still cant believe hes gone. We will never forget our little man. We had so many adventures with him.. going swimming, bringing him to the campground, late night cuddle sessions.. it was a wonderful 2 and a half years with him. He will forever be in our hearts.. xoxo, Jazz, Felix, the Angels and Momma Nora.


Jazz #162121

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Hi! My name is Jazz #162121. I am a Greyhound from falmouth, MA

Nicknames: Jazzy, Jazzygirl, My baby, Jazzy Spazzy, Jazzzzzy, Princess, Honey Bunny, Bunny, Spazzy Jazzy, Snazzy Jazzy, Jazzy Wazzy, Spazzy Snazzy Jazzy Wazzy, Snooping Poopy, Snoopy, Babe, Baby, Stupid, Cutie Butie with a giddo bootie, Yazzy, Fatty, Poopy Butt,Full: Jazz Mary Landers
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/18/2003
Age: 10
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: DOTD: 4/05/10, 11-11-12,
My pet peeves: She hates bath time!
My hobbies: She loves being around people! She loves sleeping, & cuddling. She also loves playing with Felix, even though she beats him up!
My favorite hang out spot? She's my shadow so anywhere I go, she goes.
My favorite grub: Purina ONE
My favorite treat: She loves it when I put peanut butter on her nose
My favorite tricks: She can sit, lie down, stay, and come. She is working on go hide and shake.
What I love about my owner: Everything!
Motto Never let your praying knees get lazy.Birthday: August 18, 2003Gotcha Day: September 28, 2007See the rest of the Cape Cod Crew!:)SmallAnimalChannel:Freedom #207520FishChannel:The Betta Gang #213225Cat Channel:Thomas #234816
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