Rottweiler | FEMALE | 6 YEARS OLD | Tupelo, MS

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Hi! My name is Kikki. I am a Rottweiler from Tupelo, MS

Nicknames: Ki, Keek, and Precious
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/1/2009
Age: 6
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: She had almost finished her housetraining and we are doing very well with the Sit and Come commands! I am so proud of her!
My pet peeves: Having to go into her Play Pen when I leave for a while.
My hobbies: Constantly being under my feet and playing with anything she can fit in her mouth! She also likes running back and forth on the porch and steps for some odd reason. LOL
My favorite hang out spot? In front of our porch during outside play and the kitchen while inside (which is not surprising) LOL
My favorite grub: Her dog food (Purina) with juice/sauce from whatever I am eating poured on top
My favorite treat: Chicken bones (of course with little bits of chicken still on them)
My favorite tricks: She does not have any tricks yet, I don't want to start her too early because I do not want her to feel overwhelmed. But we are working on fetching tennis balls!
What I love about my owner: She is sweet and caring and loves to play with me. She keeps me well fed and got rid of those bad worms I had when she first got me. She also gave me a great home that I love to play in even though I still have a few accidents from time to time. I even have two brothers that are hamsters that I love to play with and make them run. I also like tripping "Mama" when she tries to play her Wii.
Motto So maybe Im a little spoiled... But why do what my Mommy will do for me???
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