Golden Retriever | MALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Bowling Green, VA

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Hi! My name is Cody. I am a Golden Retriever from Bowling Green, VA

Nicknames: Code Man :P
Birth Day, Month and Year: 11/12/2004
Age: 11
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: My dog has accomplished being the best dog ever in the whole world :P
My pet peeves: He cant stand the cat next door coming onto his land. lol. ive seen him literally chase the cat all the way to the border line of the property and completely stop barking and chasing and turn around and come back. lol. it was so funny xD
My hobbies: Playing keep away. lol. retriever my butt. haha he goes and gets the toys but he wants you to chase and get it, and you'll get 2 inchs away from the toy and then bam he moves it. almost like he's laughing at you saying, haha you cant get it xD
My favorite hang out spot? On my bed. i normally dont let em on when im sleeping but soon as i get up in the morning i get out and craws in. haha and he's got a cushion down stairs he loves also, but he always has to get to it before the other dog does.
My favorite grub: He eats anything! and i mean anything. but he normally its his same old dog food we always buy him. but he just loves loves loves human food tho. But id have to say popcorn is probably his favorite cuz its a game and a snack at the same time. haha
My favorite treat: Any kind of meat. or bacon strips ect. lol what dog doesnt.
My favorite tricks: Definately paw. lol. he'll give his paw to you all the time for no reason, he just wants you to shake it or pet it. its so strange. lol. but its the cutest thing ever. he also knows jump, other paw, lay, sit, the trick where you put a treat on his nose and he flips it up and catches it, and of course he knows come and other commands :)
What I love about my owner: That i take so good care of him, and sneak him treats off my plate all the time when no ones looking xD
Motto "Touch Me, Touch Me, Touch Me, Touch Me, you nooooo you want to... pet me again, pet me again." xD (sure loves attension)
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