Bruce Lee

Mixed Breed | MALE | 5 YEARS OLD | Tarawa Terrace, NC

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 24, 2010


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Bruce Lee

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Hi! My name is Bruce Lee. I am a Mixed Breed from Tarawa Terrace, NC

Nicknames: my owners which I consider my mom and dad, call me: brucey broo, brucey, honey bun
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/20/2010
Age: 5
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: bruce has learned the tricks sits, lay down,crawl, stay and leave it command. He is really smart and it takes him only a day or two to learn a new trick which is amazing to us.
My pet peeves: Just like mom and dad, Bruce absolutely hates bugs that is another reason why the house is always spotless.
My hobbies: Posing for pictures is something bruce enjoys tons but aside from his charming skills, bruce enjoys playing fetch, running after a frisbee and just having fun times with the parents...wether it'd be going fishing or just for a long walk, bruce enjoys himself.
My favorite hang out spot? Dog Paaaaarrkkkk!!! Bruce loves to go to the dog park and he already knows he's going there before he gets there just by looking out the window. He enjoys having some fun in the sun with all his buddies.
My favorite grub: Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice
My favorite treat: treats are irresistable no matter which kind they are and if you have one then you officially have won bruces's heart. However, he does love pupperoni and the treats mom and dad travel to get from petco which are shaped like teddy bears, letters and so on. Oh and any treats that are good for bruces's dental hygiene are always delicious as well...
My favorite tricks: Bruce enjoys dropping to the ground and paying's supposed to look like he's dead but instead it looks like he is enjoying himself tons
What I love about my owner: Not only do my owners(mom and dad) spoil me rotten but they have been there when I needed them most and when no one wanted me as their own. They took me in without questioning themselfs and have gave more love than I even imagined one can get. They never forget about me and mom is always recording our memories together and that to me shows how much they both love me and always keep me in their hearts. Not only that but they are awesome parents, I mean there's no kids so I get all their attention and all the christmas gifts as well...what more can a pup want in this world ;) hahaha. I love them tons!
Motto I will get your attention with my charming attitude. Watch out pups, I am totally one of a kind and ready to look super handsome!
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