Dachshund, Miniature | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | ozark, AL

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Hi! My name is Baby. I am a Dachshund, Miniature from ozark, AL

Nicknames: Baby or baby girl.little mess maker. Goober. Queen imma weiner {spoof of queen ama dala off of star wars}. little miss mightyness. miss pigger dane. little miss big stuff. princess Dachsie
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/13/2007
Age: 9
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: im just proud my baby has gotten better from a previous abusive owner she acts like a puppy again and she is growin hair back on her chest and tail. she's also learned to dance and decided that she's my gaurdian angel all the time. im her Sage and she's my squad i love my little army brat
My pet peeves: long bathes.lighten storms.people yellin at me. movin her blankets or cleanin her dishes. she normally cant stand my mothers dog handsome but she's learnin to deal with him in small doses and she then promptly sets him back in he's place
My hobbies: cuddlin and snugglin with me and my sweetie Thomas. she loves watchin movies and eatin she loves playin outside and diggin in her "treat box" which is her sand box with treats buried all in it she loves lickin bowls clean
My favorite hang out spot? curled up burrito style under my heated blankets or in my laundry
My favorite grub: she doesnt think she's a doggy so she loves people for especaily sweets
My favorite treat: i make home made "baby treats" so far her favorites are cheesy peanut butter biscuts and applesauce treats
My favorite tricks: she dances; i just ask her if she knows how to boogie and she'll bust loose and show you how to cut a rug
What I love about my owner: she treats me like her little general and her best friend. i get nom nom treats and loves everyday and her man loves me and cuddles with me and my "mommy"
Motto "i will boldly play where no Dachsie has played before" "i am the mighty pigger-dane, no other livin bein will defeat my awesomeness."
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