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I see a lot of my friends are leaving DC and joining DS (Doggyspace). I am on DS and if you want to find me and friend me here is my ID.


Toby•Maya Is My Sweetheart•

About Me

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Hi! My name is Toby•Maya Is My Sweetheart•. I am a Miniature Schnauzer from Woodville, WI

Nicknames: Tobias, Toby Tyler, Toby Ty, Tobbers, Tibby/Tibbers, Tibby Tyler, & Topy.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/27/2009
Age: 6
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I am SUPER proud of Toby, he has learned and done so many things, he has accomplished being the best dog ever!
My pet peeves: Being alone, vacuums & loud noises like..gun shots, fireworks....ect.
My hobbies: Basic home agility jumps, catching discs/frisbees, and being an alarm clock.
My favorite hang out spot? Toby likes sleeping in any place that is like a cave/den, but is all time favorite place is anywhere I am. He also enjoys snuggling under blankets when he gets to cold.
My favorite grub: Pure Balence Salmon & Pea-Grain Free
My favorite treat: Homemade Pumpkin & Parsely, Pumpkin, Banana Peanutbutter Or Peanutbutter Dog Treats.
My favorite tricks: I think Toby likes all his tricks so here they are. Sit, stay, down/lay, paw/shake, high five, crawl, speak, sit pretty, he can say 'Momma', 'I Love My Momma' & 'I Love You'. He can also spin, balence a treat on his nose & play dead when I say 'Bang' and pretend to shoot him.
What I love about my owner: Everything. She is my best friend and I am hers. I love that I know she would do anything to make me a happy healthy dog.
Motto ♥Live, Love, Bark!♥ ♣ Date Adopted -> September 15, 2009 ♠ First DOTD -> September 5, 2011*Second DOTD -> *Third DOTD November 7, 2013 ♥ Maya#226099 DC Sweetheart Since October 25, 2012 ♥
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