West Highland White Terrier | MALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Keizer, OR

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About Me

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Hi! My name is McDuffy. I am a West Highland White Terrier from Keizer, OR

Nicknames: Duff,Duffy, and "no Duff not the Kleenex!"
Birth Day, Month and Year: 7/1/2004
Age: 11
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I can Sit,Stay,Come,Walk on the leash,and when I want to I can type for my momma and sissy but they don't seem to like that to much
My pet peeves: I hate when you are late to feed me or your late coming home at night, I don't like squirrel at all or the cats and dogs outside. I also don't like it when the kitten meows and climbs the screen door.
My hobbies: I love to chase balls, play tug of war, watch TV, help my momma and sissy dance, I love digging up the the new spring bulbs and chasing the birds I also love shaking my stuffed kitty cat and pretending it is the cats in our family and I love playing with empty milk jugs. Oh, and unwrapping the presents under the x-mas tree even if they aren't mine.
My favorite hang out spot? I love to look out the front window on my footstool and i love laying with momma in bed!
My favorite grub: I love my Purina one beyond dog food and anything i can steal from my owners!
My favorite treat: I love carrots,lettuce,tomatoes,toast with butter, potato chips, and my bones
My favorite tricks: Chasing the squirrels out of the backyard, barking at the cats in the front and at dogs walking down the street. oh and playing catch
What I love about my owner: They always give me scratches and plenty of love and treats and when I bring a ball they always throw it plus they give me bathes which I really love even though I pretend not to!
Motto "The more I watch you the more likely I am to get a bite of what you are making"
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