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Hi! My name is Rusty. I am a Brittany from Clark, NJ

Nicknames: Lots! Monsieur Rustopher DuPont, Ruddafur, [Rusty] Bones, Rustyroo, Rustafarian, Honey Bunches of Rust, Hoss, Hans, Busty, Nutsy, Ruddy, Fuzzbutt, Beefcake, Butterball, Squeaky Pete ('cause of how he yawns/speaks), Sweet Babu, Linus (needs blue blanket!!)
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/12/2004
Age: 11
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: He's a good field/hunting dog, even though I don't approve of actually killing animals. ;) I'm proud of ALL my dogs for being the awesome, wonderful, funny, loving, adorable, beautiful, clever, sweet, talented, cute, capable, athletic, and/or brilliant pallies they are! (Some traits embodied more by one than another, lol.)

Both boys have the ability to calculate and then perform the behaviors that will result in maximum cuteness and, thus, human cooing and squeeing. Well, Ullie does too, but the guys are more into that. She just figures out how to do/get exactly what she wants, and get away with murder--cunning little beast!

Many of Rusty's photos and other info can be found here: and here:
My pet peeves: Being alone, seeing people leave, being made fun of for having a stubby tail, being called Fatty.
My hobbies: Tug-of-war, playing w/ dogs, loving people, being loved, football (or any ball), being underfoot, placing my nose on windows, howling/barking, hopping on Pop, cuddling, more cuddling, chasing birds, swimming, bringing you my blanket, face-schmooshage, adoring everyone and being everybody's friend...etc. All of them enjoy stealing each other's food and beds, & eating from the same bowl.
My favorite hang out spot? On the couch next to you, or behind it on the cool floor. Also on the kitchen floor behind the table, or on the blanket-bed in that room, or on the rug in front of the sink (a rather inconvenient spot from which he routinely moves when someone wants to stand there.)
My favorite grub: Cheese-flavored Pupcorn, peanuts, people foods of various kinds so long as they're meaty and/or cheesy...and bunnies (J/K. But I definitely get overzealous in my "playing" with them...)
My favorite treat: Again, anything meaty/cheesy. He's a real "he-dog" that way. ;p
My favorite tricks: Giving paw and double-paw, sit, being an excellent football player, catching food; stop (in front of you), drop (at your feet), & roll (onto your feet, to be petted)
What I love about my owner: They are all very good people who love me and take care of me, and I love them so much...I just hate it when one or more or ALL of them leave and NEVER COME's TERRIBLE, the worst torture EVER...!!! Why must they do that?!? I would never leave them. I also don't like it when they take me to the vet...or when the one brushes my teeth or clips my nails or grooms me in any other regard...or says the "D" word that sounds like "die," but with a T on the end. I run away and hide behind the couch. She says she does that 'cause she loves me, which I don't really understand, but anyways, like I said...we all do love each other and stuff, and I'd do anything for them! Ruff!
Motto I'm a lover, not a biter.
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