Kodiak Jo, A-Team Watchdog/Cloudhopper*Angel Josie

Alaskan Malamute | FEMALE | 20 YEARS OLD | Dyer, IN


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Kodiak Jo, A-Team Watchdog/Cloudhopper*Angel Josie

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Hi! My name is Kodiak Jo, A-Team Watchdog/Cloudhopper*Angel Josie. I am an Alaskan Malamute from Dyer, IN

Nicknames: Josie, Girlfriend, Little Girl
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/23/1996
Age: 20
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I have always been such a well-behaved pup, that I never needed to go to school. My Gramma can even walk me , unless of course a bunny wants me to play with it!.. AARD Member since 6/03
My pet peeves: Other dogs in my 3 yards! and being naked(without my collar) and taking pills (I'm pretty chosey about what I eat so Mom has to pretty much throw pills down my throat!!)
My hobbies: Going for walks and watching life from my 3 yards! ... Now I will watch over everyone from above!<~,~>
My favorite hang out spot? When it thunders I go into Gramma's garage (now I make it thunder). Gramma lives next door to us and her yard is one of my yards!
My favorite grub: Table food and Ice Cream
My favorite treat: Chicken tenders are still my favorite treat!
My favorite tricks: I don't do Tricks! I'm too sophisticated!
What I love about my owner: She's almost as pretty as me and she takes me to meet all my friends in the neighborhood! I will miss her horribly!!!
Motto If it moves chase it!...WOoooOOOoOoOoooo!! (my b-day is 6/23/96 I passed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/9/08). *Come Run and Hop from cloud to cloud with me!! It is soooo much fun making it snow on everyone!!!! Big *fluffy white snow* flakes to land on Mommie's nose and tons of snow *to chill her ** toes**. Where *ever* she looks she will remember me, in the *snow* she can always see me!!!!! W*Oo*o*O*oOoOO*OO*o*OOOOOO*ooOoo*OOO <~.~> JOSIEEEEEEEEE*
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