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Hi! My name is Riley. I am a Border Collie from Waynesfield, OH

Nicknames: Riley-Man, Sweet-Tart, Harry, Hairy Thing, Hairy Critter, Pudin' Head, Klutz, Handsome, Bud, Buddy, Ry-Man, Ri-e, Furby, Riwee, The Beast, Beastie, Dirty-Dan-the Riley-Man, Psycho, Idiot, Horrid Little Beast, Beast, Baby Beast, B.C.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/14/2006
Age: 9
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I showed at the local fair as a seven month old puppy and I took a Basic Obedience class. I've shown in rally at our local fair and took 2nd place! I also showed in Obedience. I have my CGG and used to go to a nursing home.
My pet peeves: I dislike when the neighbor's dog is over at my house teasing me. I don't like men very much, either, it's just a fear I have that Mommy cannot figure out.
My hobbies: Playing in the hose, taking walks, chasing toys, playing with kitties, training, trying to steal babies pacifiers, and in wintertime I like to destroy snowmen, catch snowballs, and steal Mommy's gloves.
My favorite hang out spot? By the hose, in my wading pool, under the deck, on the porch, in the backyard
My favorite grub: Kibbles N' Bits, no doubt!
My favorite treat: The mixed bones package Mommy gets me every week.
My favorite tricks: I'm great at ball, shake, high five, playing frisbee, and couting to two!
What I love about my owner: I love that she always loves me, never blames me for things I do wrong, always covers for me, and always gives me lots of pats!
Motto "I'm a Border Collie at heart. Born, bred, and kibble fed, ooh rah!"
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