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Hi! My name is Rocky. I am a Bulldog from Columbia, PA

Nicknames: The Rock, Rocks in the head
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/3/2004
Age: 12
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I sit when I'm told (if I feel like it). And now I can come back down the stairs! Daddy doesn't have to carry me!!
My pet peeves: I hate when someone touches my tire toy. It's mine. Not yours. Leave it where I put it.
My hobbies: I love sleeping, chewing on my tire, sleeping, eating, and did I mention sleeping?
My favorite hang out spot? My fav place is the kitchen, in front of the fridge and the bathroom door. You can watch the whole house from here. And I can keep an eye on my toys!
My favorite grub: I love fruits!!! Not too big on veggies. My fav food is my Science Diet!
My favorite treat: I love milk bones!!!!!! And any of those fancy treats Mommy gets from the special dog treat store. My brother knows all the details!! I don't care much about details, I just know those treats are soooooo good!!
My favorite tricks: If you tell me "FUMBLE!!!" I go and get my football and tease you with it because I know you can't hit it out my mouth!! I'm the BEST defensive player of all times!!
What I love about my owner: I love how much my Mommy takes care of me and my brother. She spoils us soooo much. She always buys us neat, new toys and treats and takes us to the vet. I LOVE THE VET!!!! All the nurses that work there think I'm the most adorable dog in town!! (they're right) And Dr. Greenberg loves when I visit!! No matter how annoying my Mommy can be with her 500 questions, he takes time to answer every single one(meanwhile showering me with bully biscuits and butt rubs). And when Mommy takes me for a car ride to her favorite coffee shop, she gets me delicious, fresh fruit to gobble up while she drinks her coffee!! yummy! My Daddy plays rough. He tackles me and plays football with me, and kisses me EVERY day and night!! What a sucker!! And when Daddy comes home from work, I wiggle my butt all over the house and then bring my football right to Daddy for him to catch up on the last 8 hours he didn't play with me!
Motto Did you say food?!?! My birthday is January 3rd!
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