† 5/24/08~3/25/09 † Angel Freckles

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Andrews, TX


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 † 5/24/08~3/25/09 † Angel Freckles

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Hi! My name is † 5/24/08~3/25/09 † Angel Freckles. I am a Mixed Breed from Andrews, TX

Nicknames: Freckers; Frecklicious and a new member of the Puppy Club (PC)
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/24/2007
Age: 9
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: She was made DOTD on October 27, 2008.
My pet peeves: Vacuum cleaners and thunder & lightning (terrified of all three).
My hobbies: Chasing the chickens, sheep, and goats (they hate that). I also like to tease the horses (but I am still a little cautious about getting too close to them; . . .they are so big!).
My favorite hang out spot? Running around in the back yard (we have a big back yard . . .4 acres).
My favorite grub: Beneful for puppies
My favorite treat:
My favorite tricks: I have learned to sit on command. (It took a few practices and a lot of Beggin' strips.) I'm am also learning to fetch.
What I love about my owner: She took me in, cares for me, feeds me, spoils me, plays with me, and gives me a never-ending supply of LOVE.
Motto My motto is: "Life can be RUFF, but you can't achieve your goal in life without hurdling over a few obstacles !!! **I regret to inform you that my little angels no longer walk among us and have crossed over to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. On March 24th, 2009, our neighbor took their short lived lives into his hands and carelessly ended their stay on this beautiful planet of ours. I have had several encounters with the neighbor's dogs escaping from their kennels and wandering onto our farm. While making their rounds, they also managed in killing several of the chickens that roam freely on our land. I then made several attempts to keep them out and even tried pleading with their owner to please resolve this problem by fixing the doors on the kennels. My pleas must have fallen on deaf ears and as a result the authorities were called out. I guess out of pure anger and hatered, he chose to retaliate by poisoning all of my darling babies using bait laced with rat poison. When I discovered them lying on the ground, I rushed them all to the vet. My babies,Tango and Cash, died almost immediately after our arrival to the vet's office. Freckles and Maverick managed to cling to life for another eighteen hours before taking their final breath. They have all been brought home with me and laid to rest on our farm where they belong and will always be remembered. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers during this sorrowful time as a full investigation into this matter has been ordered by the local police force. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. **.
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