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Hi! My name is Piper. I am a Miniature Pinscher from santa maria, CA

Nicknames: Pippen..People at the dog park call her that. I also call her Piggy because she eats constantly and is always sniffing around for food. If i left out a huge bowl of food for her she'd eat it all. She doesn't know the word "full" lol. She's only 5 pounds so I have no idea where she puts it.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/4/2007
Age: 8
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: She makes me proud everyday. I have been training her and she's doing great. She listens so much more now and when I tell her something she actually does it.
My pet peeves: Hmmm....other dogs coming near my mommy. I am jealous.
My hobbies: I love playing with my pet dog and beating it up. I carry it around the house and swing it around. I also love running, I am super fast and love to jump up on high places. I am very agile! Mommy gets scared because she thinks I am going to break my little paws. No worries mommy, I am super dog! I also love playing with my very first friend Lily. She is a yellow lab and outweighs me by 40 pounds. She is my best friend though cuz we grew up together.
My favorite hang out spot? I love going to the doggy park and playing with my best friends Izzie and Greta and Choloe. I also love going to Petsmart because mommy can shop there and bring me in. I love trying to snatch the toys that are at eye level and sneaking the bones. Then mommy has to buy them because I slobbered all over them. Ha-ha. I am such a trickster.
My favorite grub: WOW...I lovei t ALL! I would say apples and chicken are my fav though. I do really eat everything though. Sometimes I don't even smell it, I just inhale. I sniff, sniff, sniff, until I find something for my belly.
My favorite treat: Denta bone filet mignon flavor. I naw those like there is NO tomorrow. Takes me about until the next day to finish them since I have a little mouth and my teeth are coming out.
My favorite tricks: Oh it would definitely have to be sit. I love it because I think that will always get me food! Mommy taught me that trick early, and it worked really good. I sit though and sometimes I don't get food. So I give her a little bark to reming her that I am being a good girl and sitting.
What I love about my owner: She takes me to the park and let's me play with all the other dogs. She lets me sleep in her bed and on her lap and she gives me kisses all the time. She spoils me and buys me everything pink.
Motto "The Min Pin is in charge, mommy just pays the bills" My birthday is January 4th 2007
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