We are Chloe Girl and Campbell Marie

Golden Retriever | FEMALE | 12 YEARS OLD | malvern, PA

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We are Chloe Girl and Campbell Marie

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Hi! My name is We are Chloe Girl and Campbell Marie. I am a Golden Retriever from malvern, PA

Nicknames: chloe' are: little dood, doodin head, sweetheart, cloe', chickpea, fuzzybutt campbell marie's are: smidgen, cam, sweetheart, smidgey-smidge, cammy
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/22/2004
Age: 12
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Chloe has completed two obedience classes and an agility class at What A Good Dog and is a wonderful big sister to Campbell

Campbell completed puppy class and took first prize for the sit contest! She is easy to train and bright as a shiny penny!
My pet peeves: squirrels and bunnies they can't get to, to chase, and when I stop petting them,heaven forbid!
My hobbies: Campbell: barking for no apparent reason, swimming, retrieving, chasing bunnies, squirrels and especially birdies,, playig with her sister. Chloe: chasing deer, bunnies, squirrels, playing with her sister, hiding under the bed, trying to get her toysback from Campbell
My favorite hang out spot? Chloe: Okehocking Land Preserve, Paoli Battlefield, her yard, mommy's bed, her special house (crate) Braxtons Campbell: all of the above and she likes Chloe's crate as well as her own.
My favorite grub: Both: Solid Gold Hundenflocken food,Nupro Supplement, raw egg yolks, cooked egg whites, and raw food. Old Mother Hubbard Treats, bannanas, carrots, organic frozen marrow bones
My favorite treat: Both: special bones (organic frozen beef bones), carrots
My favorite tricks: Chloe: wait, stay, down, beg, dance with mommy, come, big girl swimmmin', retrieve Campbell: Retrieve, sit, stay, down, wait, come, big girl swimmin'
What I love about my owner: Our mommy loves her girls, we are her daughters. No more needs to be said. If they could talk, I hope they would say they are loved well and always unconditionally. They are treated with respect, never yelled at, hit or belittled. They have been trained with positive training methods only and never heavy handed or ignored or disrespected in any way. We are very well socialized and get along with everyone. We love our friends and we have great birthday parties with our friends at our house!
Motto Chloe's Birthday: April 22nd, 2004 Campbell Marie's Birthday: March 18th, 2006 "C'mon...throw me a bone"! BOL! Born to Play! It's a dog's life! Bark if you love Goldens!
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