Lhasa Apso | FEMALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Palm Harbor, FL

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Hi! My name is Darcy. I am a Lhasa Apso from Palm Harbor, FL

Nicknames: Yes
Birth Day, Month and Year: 7/15/2004
Age: 12
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: My dog understands everything. She knows the name of all of her toys, and searches till she finds the one you told her to get. If I say, I am going to get your food and water she growls at me. She growls everytime I give her her food and water, but doesnt bite.
My pet peeves: Doesnt really have any. She is very submissive however, and pees if something excites her, or frightens her
My hobbies: She loves chewing on rawhide bones, and watching the lizards from the window. She very lovable. If you tell her to give you a hug, she jumps up on your lap and rubs her head in your chest.
My favorite hang out spot? The large living room window.
My favorite grub: cooked spinach mixed in her Oatmeal and Chicken dry food (purina, I think). After I tried that. she wouldnt eat Eukanuba anymore
My favorite treat: Unfortunately, she doesnt like crunchy treats. She likes beggin strips, and any soft treat from the grocery store. I know they are not healthy so I try to keep them to a minimum
My favorite tricks: Telling her to bring her monkey, and then her squeak toy, ball, or bone. She runs through the house till she finds the one you told her to get. She is so smart. People have said she acts like there is a person trapped in her body. Everyone that comes over is amazed by her intelligence. I think because I love her so much, and we have a strong bond, is why she is so in tune with everything I say.
What I love about my owner: That I always give her attention 24/7. When we are even alone, and I get ready for work, she follows me everywhere, and I talk to her, pick her up and give her hugs and kisses.
Motto Have good communication, and respect for your friend
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