#39348-Happy 4th birthday Wendy!

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#39348-Happy 4th birthday Wendy!

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Hi! My name is #39348-Happy 4th birthday Wendy!. I am a Mixed Breed from Miami, FL

Nicknames: Scruffy-Duffy, Winnie.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 3/20/2001
Age: 15
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: **Scruff** I accomplished the following awards: DOTD 11/16/07,DOTW
11/16/07. 4/17/08, Peacemaker of the Week, DC Peace Team. *Wendy* I was borned 4/2508. I was the Runt of the litter so they said but I'm a strong girl now. I'm a member of the DC Peaceteam also and I was voted DOTD 9/21/08.
My pet peeves: Scruff hides when he feels rain is coming, hides under the bed and only his head, he is a character. **Wendy** I'm bold and not afraid of thunder like Scruff and I love to get between his paws and bother him..he! he!
My hobbies: *Scruff* I love to sunbathe in the middle of the yard, chase lizards and chase Wendy too. But love being with Mom **Wendy** My hobby! chase my siblings and get between Scruff's paws until they Grrrrr! at me. That's a great hobby..Oh! I love to hear my Daddy sing, I bark at him, but it's fun.
My favorite hang out spot? **Scruff** loves being next to me all the time, he loves to lay down in the middle of the hallway and take a nap. Someplace he picked! *Wendy* Me! Well my favorite spot is all over..running around the house but I settle down in my pink bed, although I hardly fit anymore...
My favorite grub:
My favorite treat: *Scruff* loves his cookies treats. *Wendy* I love everything...but like cookies too.
My favorite tricks: *Scruff** plays hide and seek with his toys, hides it then comes to me nozzels me and I already know he wants me to find his toy or hide. **Wendy** I love playing with my squeaky toys, I have one that was my sister's Princi..(shhh) don't tell. Now is mine. I love to hear it squeak, squeak.
What I love about my owner: *Scruff* My Mom spoils me all the time. Shet lets me sleep in her bedroom together with my favorite toys, she is kind and pets me a lot especially after I help her up, she always has a kind word for me and I love her very much! *Wendy* I love my Mom, she holds me up and rubs and kisses my belly he! I ljust get all buttery when she does that..she is sweet and kind to us and spoils us rotten.
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