Shep (Loves Maddie) SNH

Shetland Sheepdog | MALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Chadds Ford, PA

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Shep (Loves Maddie) SNH

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Hi! My name is Shep (Loves Maddie) SNH. I am a Shetland Sheepdog from Chadds Ford, PA

Nicknames: Sheppy-Puppy or Sheppy-Baby
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/1/2003
Age: 13
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Shep doesn't take part in agility training or dog shows, but he has accomplished many things that make me proud that only have to do with his creativity. For an example, whenever he eats he always wipes his mouth on our furniture coverings like they are napkins.
My pet peeves: Shep pretty much is a go-with-the-flow dog, but some things do annoy him. One of his major pet peeves is, because he is so short, not being able to see out the window when our taller dogs can.
My hobbies: My dog's hobbies are running around outside with his animal friends and playing with his "Dirty Rotten Kitty Toy" with me. He has some interesting animal friends, which include: a fox, 2 kitty-cats, and the occasional squirrel (the squirrel relationships never lasted long because the instinct of a squirrel was to run away from dogs...).
My favorite hang out spot? Shep has two favorite hang out spots, one inside and one out. The one inside is with his back up against the chair next to the tv. We think he likes to be able to view everything going on in the living room. Our house is on a hill and in the front yard we have a small hill, that is kind of steep. Well, Shep will almost always be found sitting on the very edge of the hilltop and always seems to be content with the world when sitting there.
My favorite grub: His favorite grub is his delicious homemade dog biscuits that I make for him every once in a while to keep them a delicacy.
My favorite treat: My dog's treat is, as I said, the homemade dog biscuits that I make for him.
My favorite tricks: Sheppy's favorite trick is what I like to call, "lunge". It is when you say lunge and he drops to the floor in a, well, lunging motion.
What I love about my owner:
Motto Who cares if chimps are as smart as humans, dogs are smarter.
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