Doberman Pinscher | MALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Reynoldsburg, OH

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 18, 2006


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About Me

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Hi! My name is Blitz. I am a Doberman Pinscher from Reynoldsburg, OH

Nicknames: Blitzie Baby
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/18/2005
Age: 11
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
My pet peeves: People who contine to breed ALBINO Dobes-we are beautiful but have health and behavioral prolbems due, not only to being albino's, but because we are inbred. Please visit for the TRUTH about "white" Dobes. We are not a color variation, we are colored Dobes that have a genetic mutation that does not allow ANY pigment to be produced!
My hobbies: Couch potato and running at the dog park-with LOTS of sun screen and doggles on!
My favorite hang out spot? Couch
My favorite grub: I have food allergies so I get Venison and Potato.
My favorite treat: Saddly, I can't have any that aren't on my food allergy diet:(
My favorite tricks: Counter Surfing
What I love about my owner: My mom cleans up the mess I make after getting a drink. I have to stick my ENTIRE nose under the water in the bowl and than drip gobbs on to the floor:) That she rescued me-for more animals that need homes-ALBINO DOBES included- please visit
Motto If I like it, it’s mine. If it’s in my mouth, it’s mine. If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine. If I can take it from you, it’s mine. If it’s mine, it must never be yours. If it looks like it’s mine, it’s mine. If I saw it first, it’s mine. If you’re playing with something else and put it down, it’s mine. If I am chewing something up, all the pieces are mine. If it used to be yours, get over it. If it’s broken, it’s yours.
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