♥Rico Suave♥ RIP Sweetheart

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I found a Penny the other day and put it on your grave. You have so many coins now. I hope you were trying to reach out to me and of course I think of all my other angels, my parents, grandparents as well. Your Daddy and I walked down the driveway the other day and LilyPup did a little circle dance all excited just like you use to do. She like you knew it was a walk down the driveway and it reminded me so much of you. You meant so much to me. I'll never get over losing you sweetheart never


♥Rico Suave♥ RIP Sweetheart

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Hi! My name is ♥Rico Suave♥ RIP Sweetheart. I am a Chihuahua from Odenton, MD

Nicknames: My Little Boy, Puppers, Canine Casanova & The Moleinator. I was named after a 1991 song titled "Rico Suave" by one hit wonder Ecuadorian singer Gerardo. It was the first pop hit sung in Spanglish. Roughly translated my name means "Tasty & Smooth." Now ladies you know that's me!!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/1/1995
Age: 20
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Look at me!! I have been awarded the Good Conduct Medal. On the Dog Channel I was named Dog of the Day & Dog of the Week December 2006 & Dog of the Month for June 2007. I am also a AARD member since May 2002. My Moma is very proud of me!!
My pet peeves: Thunderstorms, Uncle George, "Not" going for a ride, snow/rain & "ANYONE" trimming my nails!!!
My hobbies: Sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating....is there anything else I am missing?? Well I do miss a winning Washington Redskins season but that's another story!!!
My favorite hang out spot? Our king size bed (stretched out to full length in the middle thank you) & the couch with my baby blanket (so soft & cuddly) Now I apply the Foot Rule to the bed. They have 2 feet each so that is 4 feet & I have 4 feet so that's a total of 8 feet. Therefore because I have 4 feet out of the 8 feet I get 50% of the bed & they each get 25% of the bed. Fair? I think so!!!
My favorite grub: Chicken, venison, chuck roast w/brown gravy, BBQ ribs...Meat Meat & more meat!
My favorite treat: Oh I love Chew-eez Carvers Chicken Breast treats. They are the best!!. I will sit sometimes if I want to humor her. And I love to shred tissues if no one is looking. Hehehehe I can really make a big mess!!
My favorite tricks: Tricks are beneath a Chihuahua. Our ancestors go back to the Aztecs, we're practically royalty
What I love about my owner: She thinks I am wonderful no matter what I do. She cuddles me, loves me unconditionally & makes sure I always have my medicine. And that woman can cook a mean chicken.
Motto "So many beds, so little time." Birthday 5-1-95 (Taurus) Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 8-4-2007
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