♥Rico Suave♥ RIP Sweetheart

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Although I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2007 my Mom continues to Miss me. LilyPup has warmed her heart and now it would kill her if something happened to LilyPup but she still yearns to hold me and pet once again. Like the saying goes......if heaven only had visiting hours


♥Rico Suave♥ RIP Sweetheart

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Hi! My name is ♥Rico Suave♥ RIP Sweetheart. I am a Chihuahua from Odenton, MD

Nicknames: My Little Boy, Puppers, Canine Casanova & The Moleinator. I was named after a 1991 song titled "Rico Suave" by one hit wonder Ecuadorian singer Gerardo. It was the first pop hit sung in Spanglish. Roughly translated my name means "Tasty & Smooth." Now ladies you know that's me!!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/1/1995
Age: 19
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Look at me!! I have been awarded the Good Conduct Medal. On the Dog Channel I was named Dog of the Day & Dog of the Week December 2006 & Dog of the Month for June 2007. I am also a AARD member since May 2002. My Moma is very proud of me!!
My pet peeves: Thunderstorms, Uncle George, "Not" going for a ride, snow/rain & "ANYONE" trimming my nails!!!
My hobbies: Sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating....is there anything else I am missing?? Well I do miss a winning Washington Redskins season but that's another story!!!
My favorite hang out spot? Our king size bed (stretched out to full length in the middle thank you) & the couch with my baby blanket (so soft & cuddly) Now I apply the Foot Rule to the bed. They have 2 feet each so that is 4 feet & I have 4 feet so that's a total of 8 feet. Therefore because I have 4 feet out of the 8 feet I get 50% of the bed & they each get 25% of the bed. Fair? I think so!!!
My favorite grub: Chicken, venison, chuck roast w/brown gravy, BBQ ribs...Meat Meat & more meat!
My favorite treat: Oh I love Chew-eez Carvers Chicken Breast treats. They are the best!!. I will sit sometimes if I want to humor her. And I love to shred tissues if no one is looking. Hehehehe I can really make a big mess!!
My favorite tricks: Tricks are beneath a Chihuahua. Our ancestors go back to the Aztecs, we're practically royalty
What I love about my owner: She thinks I am wonderful no matter what I do. She cuddles me, loves me unconditionally & makes sure I always have my medicine. And that woman can cook a mean chicken.
Motto "So many beds, so little time." Birthday 5-1-95 (Taurus) Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 8-4-2007
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