My Angels Candy, Gator & Cuddles #55479

Chow Chow | FEMALE | 23 YEARS OLD | Orlando, FL

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We are all having a great time. Angel Cuddles, Gator, Lady Bug, Peanut, and No along with all the other angels.


My Angels Candy, Gator & Cuddles #55479

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Hi! My name is My Angels Candy, Gator & Cuddles #55479. I am a Chow Chow from Orlando, FL

Nicknames: Candy-chowpo chowhound chicken hawk, Gator- gator bait, ox; Cuddles- none
Birth Day, Month and Year: 3/2/1993
Age: 23
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Candy-DOTD 04/02/08 she is AARD member since 3/00 she had protected me more than once.
She has rescued squirrels, birds, kittens and a puppy. She was very smart and could do tricks by hand signals. Gator- DOTD 1/6/09 took his guard duties serious and when he wasn't on guard duty he was sleeping. Cuddles- DOTD 5/5/09 was a great companion to grow up with.
My pet peeves: when someone laughed at her.
My hobbies: Candy- chasing the water from water hose. rescuing hurt animals. She loved posing for the camera. Gator-lazin around until he needs to leap into action. Cuddles- playing ball.
My favorite hang out spot? Candy-bed in front of fan. Gator-Kitchen, Cuddles anywhere.
My favorite grub: Candy-chicken Gator biscuits, Cuddles can dog food
My favorite treat: chicken, biscuits
My favorite tricks: Candy-She was smart she mastered the basics except heal. She could do it she just refused to. She sat, down, wave, crawl, Russian Stomp, to to name a few. She even would obey hand singles. Gator-didn't do tricks Cuddles-sit, lay, rollover shake ext.
What I love about my owner: that she loved me enough to let me go when the time came.
Motto Candy-love is a grand thing. DOTD 04/02/08 Gator Don't mess with my family or I'll mess with you. DOTD 1/6/09 Cuddles DOTD 5/5/09 Lets play, play play!!!!
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