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Hi! My name is Sarge. I am a Cocker Spaniel from Plainfield, CT

Nicknames: Sarge is very,very, fat!! We usually call him Sargie,Big Boy,Baby,and my favorite Chub Muffin!! LOL!!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/18/2001
Age: 14
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Sarge has many different things that he accomplished that i was proud of. For example, he has lost almost 5 pounds which is awsome! Another achivment i am pround of is that he learned how to sit, lay down, and almost stay. Yea Sarge!!
My pet peeves: My dog hates when my new puppy tries to play with him and Sarge doesn't really like it so since Sarge is about 3 times bigger than he is Sarge has had some body slams. Both have had some nibbles here and there!
My hobbies: Sarge's hobbies are probably eating and exploring. When you see a picture of him you will tell why eating is one of his hobbies. He loves to explore.When I used to take him for regular walks and for walks in the woods he always needed to check something out or mark his territory. Another hobby is that he loves and i mean loves to chase after our meighbors cats.We have a farm almost right next to us because we come from a small town so there a lot of cats. There are also a lot of stray cats and wild cats so when he sees one he is like ZOOM!! It is very funny seeing a 35 pound little dog running after a cat. He always comes back though!
My favorite hang out spot? My dog loves our audimun. Which goes with our chair that he loves to. He usually is there or on the top of out chair or love seat cusion. In the summer he just loves to sit on the decka dn watch the world go by. Sarge is just a real hang out dog!
My favorite grub: My dog will eat anything so everything is his favorite grub. He loves trats and homemade treats.
My favorite treat: Again Sarge likes every kind of treats. Probably homemade and anything that is small and that he doesn't have to chew to get to the good part!
My favorite tricks: Sarge doesn't have any tricks exept for sit and lay. If you hold a treat in front of him he will jump up and try to eat it. It is so funny!!
What I love about my owner: Sarge loves me to death! He is a snuggle muffin as i like to call him and we are like brother and sister. Wierd right? I would never give him up to anyone. He loves when I scratch his butt and we just love each other. He especially loves when I give him kisses and take Beau (my other puppy) away from him so he can sleep. He loves me so much!! More than he loves food!
Motto If you are hungry EAT!!!
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