*Bubba*PLZ vote Apples DOTM~<3 Precious forever

Mixed Breed | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Battle ground, WA



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*Bubba*PLZ vote Apples DOTM~<3 Precious forever

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Hi! My name is *Bubba*PLZ vote Apples DOTM~<3 Precious forever. I am a Mixed Breed from Battle ground, WA

Nicknames: Bubba's full name is...BUBBA! his nicknales are Bub, Big, Little Boy, little man, choxie, or we usually call him baby boy!!!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/1/2006
Age: 9
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Bubba knows the command sit and i dont know if he will learn much more!LOL
My pet peeves: Bubba does not like it when Baby jumps all over him cuz it really annoys him a lot!!!
My hobbies: Bubba is a relaxing dog not really [playful but he is deaf in 1 ear and we think halkf blind cuz his eyes always look scratchy!!!..
My favorite hang out spot? he loves to be outside and inside is his fav place in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
My favorite grub: well we only get benuful but other than that i get bread,fried veggies and on special occasions chocken! YUMMY IN THE PUPPY TUMMY
My favorite treat: Bubba: HE WILL SERIOUSLY EAT ANYTHING AT ALL!!!
My favorite tricks: Bubba only kows SIT
What I love about my owner: she LOVES me so much and i love her love her because she takes care of me and talks to me and does a lot with me! she loved me, she adopted me, she didn't care where i came from, she loves me and she cares about what happens, to me, to others! she just wants me to be loved
Motto To make our lives more meaningful, it takes a cheerful heart... and loving life and living it each day as a brand new start. It takes a positive attitude when trials come our way... and having the strength to carry on and taking the time to pray. Life is what we make it, for the time that we are here... so start each day with a cheerful heart and see miracles appear.~~~A summer's breeze, a smiling child, A daffodil that's growing wild, A deep orange sunset in the West; Those little things, I love the best. A still dark night with fireflies, The laughter in my mother's eyes, A multicolored rainbow's end ... Are little things that count, my friend. A fuzzy warm puppy (licking my face), Kisses with hugs and a loving embrace, Rain pouring down on a roof made of tin, Sitting under a shade (with a soft gentle wind); Those little things make life worth living. Being kind to a stranger, caring and giving, Laughi- ng and sharing your hopes and your dreams; There is nothing more precious than those little things...
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