*Pokey* ~RIP~ 2/13/13

Jack Russell Terrier | FEMALE | 14 YEARS OLD | Columbus, IN



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*Pokey* ~RIP~ 2/13/13

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Hi! My name is *Pokey* ~RIP~ 2/13/13. I am a Jack Russell Terrier from Columbus, IN

Nicknames: Many times people mess up when they say Pokey. Jokingly, they call me the names that they accidentally call me. (Not that I like them!) These names are: Pikey, Potty, Poopy, Porky, Packy, Pumpy, and Pusty. Here are some that they made up on purpose: Poke, Pokemus, Pokeums, and Kujo. I am also called many more, depending on my appearance. Some of them are Stinky, Streaky, Stinker, and many more!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/14/2002
Age: 14
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: **I can learn almost any trick there is possible! My owner thinks I am one of the most intelligent dogs alive, really she isn't just saying that! My owner has taught me all the tricks I know today, ready? Here is the Lo-o-o-ng list: Sit, Lie Down, Beg, Shake, Play Dead, Jump Through the Hoop, Agility, Counting, High Five, Roll Over, Fetch, Stay, Several Showmanship Commands, Heeling on the Leash, and we are probably STILL forgetting something!(Wanna give us a challenge? Suggest a trick and I'll show you haw smart we really are! I learn most of the tricks in less than half an hour!)This year of 2008, I won first place in 4-H agility! I won a medal and a first premium ribbon! I was in novice class and everyone was so proud of me! I am now working on off-leash agility and am doing things at my own pace. My owner encourages me along, though! I only have a few agility years left in me, for I am six years old and my owner doesn't want to put all that on me!
My pet peeves: My Uncle, Travis. He teases me and squeezes me and I bite him. Simple as that. I HATE bike riders and any people who dare walk near my home. Anyone who knocks on my door will fill the wrath of the Pokeynater! Grrrrr!!! Arf Arf!!!
My hobbies: Digging and tormenting my cat friend, Garfield. I also love doing agility, although it does tire me out. I am great at begging and getting my way. Well, sometimes!
My favorite hang out spot? I often hide under Mom's bed covers in the morning. I love just laying in sun outside on the rock wall. Sunbathing is so relaxing.
My favorite grub: I LOVE bologna and ANY Meat. This includes Slim Jims! Ohhh, YEAH! That's the STUFF!!!
My favorite treat: I love beef stick treats. They are so-o-o yummy! I also love little pieces of bologna!
My favorite tricks: I love my high-five trick. I am great at it. I also enjoy roll-over and play dead as well as beg and many others
What I love about my owner: She loves me more than anything she has ever owned and she even made me my own website! She cooks homemade treats for me and she shares that last bite of rice crispy treat and Slim Jim for me! We both do agility in 4-H together and have a great time! Our lives would not complete without each other!
Motto *~Jack russells rock!~* Thanks everyone for my June 3rd DOTD win! I'm so happy that I won on the day of my Mommy's birthday! Thanks so much! :) For more info about me, go to http://www.freewebs.com/pokey-jack-russell! There you can also see my info, a lot about me, and I even have my own game page! Please go visit it if you have the time! ~*I'm a member of Small Dogs Club #117943 It's awesome! If you're a small dog you should join! From now on I am doing the DOG ART requests right here. I will either do a quick artistic sketch of your dog or a picture cut-out and edit, or plain pic edit. Tell me whatever you want.
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