~Angel Molly Polly~•Offline!• RIP March 8th 2010

Golden Retriever | FEMALE | 14 YEARS OLD | Hastings, MN

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 20, 2006


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~Angel Molly Polly~•Offline!• RIP March 8th 2010

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Hi! My name is ~Angel Molly Polly~•Offline!• RIP March 8th 2010. I am a Golden Retriever from Hastings, MN

Nicknames: Crossed over to rainbow bridge over a month ago. I know i will be greatly missed. ---------------------- Hi Everybody! Plz leave me a message! Even if it just says hi. I like to know if people visit my page. Just so everyone knows, I like exchanging votes with other DC dogs! Just ask me. Thanx! •Molly•
Birth Day, Month and Year: 3/20/2001
Age: 14
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: These r some things about me!
•I am in the Golden Retrievers Club.
•I don't like any chew toys besides a kong. I tried stuffed chew toys but i hated them.
• I currently have some sort of muscle disease. i have lost almost all of my muscles and i stumble a lot. i can't get up the stairs as well as I could before.
• It's FREEZING outside! It's been snowing! SNOW in OCTOBER?!?!? CRAZY!!!!! Hope it's warm where everyone else is! :O)
• We have plenty of rain and thunderstorms here.
• I love going on long walks with my owners. There's a trail along the Mississippi that I luv.
• I love it when people leave me blogs.
• I have a cat BFFL. Her name is Snicker Doodle. She has her own page on cat channel. We lay down together a lot. It's not that bad, really!
• I luv it when my owners scratch me in certain places. When they do... my foot goes crazy!
• I luv snuggling up with my owners on the floor during a movie.
• I have a pond by my owners' house. One of my owners likes to go down there and bring home strange creatures. She has three "things" in a tank now. I think they r called "treefrogs."
• I have been taught by my owners how to sit, lay down, and shake hands (or paws). I don't care much for rolling over though.
• I luv exchanging blogs and votes. Just ask me!

*Golden Hugs*
> Molly <
My pet peeves: I have neighbor dogs and i don't like when my owners pet them. then i start barking! (:^P)
My hobbies: •~•~•~•~•~ Friends Running For DOTD/ DOTM that I Support: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOTD: ••••••••••••••• Oreo #147458 Running for Nov. 3rd OREO WON DOTD! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Compass #131322 Running for Oct. 28th COMPASS WON DOTD!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zoey #145114 Running November 2nd Leave a vote on the 1st!!!! Zoey didn't make it :( but with the help of TT3, i know she's gonna win next time :) ------------------ DOTM: ••••••••••••••• Belle #131409 Running October 2009 *Sadly, Belle did not win DOTM :(, but congrats to Sophie #75713, for winning DOTM October* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Muffin #117899 Running for Jan. 2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Audrina Star #65888 Running for September 2009 AUDRINA STAR WON DOTM SEPTEMBER! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Congratulations to all that have won! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please go and vote for them!
My favorite hang out spot? by the fireplace, at the bottom of the stair, in the middle of the hall blocking everyone's way, on the big rug,in the office, by the couch, basically... anywhere that people are!
My favorite grub: i like to eat Cowboy Cookout ( Canned Wet Beef Dog-food)and purina dry dog food.
My favorite treat: Liver snaps, milk-bones, scraps from the table, peanut butter... oh,and grass too!!!
My favorite tricks: i like to shake,sit,and lay down
What I love about my owner: Clubs I'm proudly a part of: •Fashionesta Dog Club (Photomaker) •Keep Dogs Safe Club •Golden Lovers Club (President and Maker) •Cute Dog Club (Photomaker)
Motto I'm SOOOO sorry im barely on anymore! Sis has lllloooootttssss of schoolwork to do :( so don't be surprised if i dont answer blogs right away. sometimes i'm away from D.C. for more than a week. -------------- I have new pictures! Well, there not really NEW but their new on here! BTW the very last pic was taken after the right side of my face got paralyzed. Can't ya tell?!?! LOL! I'm Gettin' better though! The rest of the pics were taken before my face went paralyzed! The pics of me by the punkins? TWO YEARS AGO! Hehe. I don't look any different now though, except i got a whiter snout! :O) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to all that have given me votes on my journey to 100!!! Princess was my 100th voter and i thank her!!! Bandit Bear.. even though you came a little late, thanks!!! :) I wish I could thank my 1st voter, but sadly, I don't know who they are! It was so long ago.... Thank You All!! ------------------ I am the proud maker and president of the Golden Lovers Club (GLC). Golden Retrievers please join! ~Molly~ ----------------- Golden Paws Photo Shop (GPPS) has just been closed down. Sorry for any inconvenience but it takes too much time up. ---------------------
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