Missy & Sassy *Goodbye Mona & Luna):

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Missy & Sassy *Goodbye Mona & Luna):

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Hi! My name is Missy & Sassy *Goodbye Mona & Luna):. I am a Mixed Breed from Oceanside, CA

Nicknames: Luna:Luners, LL, Lulu, Moon, Mooners, Baby, Poonchkies, Baby dolly wolly, mommash, Baby doll, Cutie Wotie, and Doll! Luca:Luca, Lukers, Baby Boy, Black Knight, Bat Hound, Super Dog, Silent, Silent Knight, and Brave Boy. Missy- Missers Sassy- Sassy Rat Mona- Teddy Bear
Birth Day, Month and Year: 3/20/2009
Age: 7
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Luna,Missy,Sassy,Mona- Nothing

Luca:I never got to do anything, I died so young, :o(!
My pet peeves: All- We Hate Baths! Luca:I always hated when people passed the house. Oh, and those evil cats! Grrrr. I miss the old days.
My hobbies: All- We love to play together! Luca:I used to love chasing Luna and Missy! They are my family, and I forever watch over them. Mommy, I love you. Don't you cry... =)
My favorite hang out spot? All- We love to play around with each other and be around mommy! Luca:I used to love being in mommys lap. I miss her so. And I wish I was still here. I love to be in the sun, and play with the best family that loved me, and taught me so many good things.... <33
My favorite grub: All- Pedigree! Luca:I ate any food they brought me. I lived a good life, living on what I had, it means a lot.
My favorite treat: All- Love them! Luca:I loved all treats they got us. They were all good, what ever size they were.
My favorite tricks: All-We dont do tricks Luca:I never got to learn any.
What I love about my owner: All- We all love her so much! She means the world to us. We love her! Luca:I loved her for as long as i could, and I forever will love her. She was my mommy, I was her baby boy. Her Dark Knight... <33 Mommy, I am never leaving, I am forever here. Don't ever forget me, I will never forget you Mommy. So don't you cry love. <33
Motto ~*~ Mistakes arn't meant to be repeated ~*~ Luca: I am here with my sister forever. I am back, for my furiends! I passed away on July 20th 2009. I lived my good months from, March 20th, 2009 - July 20th 2009. I died on the day I would have been 4-5 months. But, I may be gone, but forever have my soul within the family.... <33 Thank You Furiends!! We have done it! DOTD December 16, 2009! THANK YOU EVERYONE! TT3, ROXIE, MISSY, ROSCO, AND ALL OF OUR GRRREAT FURIENDS!! 4/25/09, That's the date of Freckles, Tango, Cash, and Maverick passed away due to poisin. We will FOREVER remeber them. Loved every day♥
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