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Hi! My name is T.K.. I am a Mixed Breed from Snowy, WI

Nicknames: Tiki, Teek, Tika, Toby Keith(who she is named after), Tikerz, Bugaboo, Buggie, T.K. Elle, T.K., Chubby, Chubbs, Cutie Bootie, Baby Girl, Sweetie, Lazy Bones, Tikelle, Ellie Bellie, Tiki Wikerz, Trouble Kid, Growler, Kid, Kiddo, Knuckle Head, Chubby Wubby, Flubber, Chomper, Snorter, Chika, Bullie, Grumpy Pants, Skunker, Clinker, Monkey, Punch, Punchkin, and Buggerz
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/14/2008
Age: 7
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: She has learned her name and she is now potty trained. she knows lay down, sit up, come, stay, and sit!

Quiz Master:6/10
Camp Doggie:7/10
Wag Warz:7/10

1,000:9/17/9 By Duncan
2,000:1/8/10 By ?
3,000:1/30/10 by Roxie T
4,000:11/1/10 by Ty, Brie, & Bentley
My pet peeves: Snow, rain, being picked up by the stomach, fireworks, thunderstorms, guns, sirens, loud noises.
My hobbies: Bugging Sadie, that is why they call me buggy, part of the reason anyway. I also like play biting mommy and running around outside like a mad dog! I like to growl and shake my butt when people come through the door.
My favorite hang out spot? I love being outside in the summer and I lay on the hot blacktop for as long as I can. I like laying in mommy's bed and also on the couch.
My favorite grub: Whatever mommy buys me.
My favorite treat: I love tomatoes, peanut butter, carrots, pickles, ice cream, milk, ice cubes, popcorn, bananas, steak, and chips. Oh yeah, almost forgot McDonald's cheeseburger, which mommy let me try on my first birthday! YUM!
My favorite tricks: I like the sit and sit up commands.
What I love about my owner: I love mommy so much because she is nice and cares for me and helps me out during my spasms. She also lets me go and see my big sister, Carly often since the breeder has a daughter that is mommy's age and now mommy and her are friends!
Motto Hi, I'm T.K. a English Bulldog/French Bulldog mix. I am almost 2 years old! I will turn 2 on January 14th. I won DOTD on January 14th, 2009 which was my very 1st Birthday! What a gift. : ) This year I am going for an even bigger win! DOTM IN JANUARY 2010! Oh, boy I really hope I win! That would be so wonderful, I am having a Toby Keith themed DOTM run since I am named after Toby Keith! "How do you like me now?" BOL! This was my DOTD campaign made for me by TT3!! \X/ VOTE *~*T.K*~* TUESDAY 86561 \X/ I'm a little BullDog short and stout, here is my snort snort here is my howl! When I get all wound up then I bark, vote for me DCFRIENDS and help me OUT!! My name is T.K. 86561, and I need your dotd vote on Tuesday, 1/13/09 so we can celebrate my Badge and 1ST Birthday together on 1/14/09!!! I am a beautiful French-Bulldog Girl from cold and snowy WI. I am named after Toby Keith, bol!! How do you like me now?? I am a proud member of the Peace Team!! I am really smart, I learned my name and was potty trained real fast once my Mommy came and got me and took me home with her .. I know lay down, sit up, come, stay, and sit! I love Ice cream and ice cubes!! I really love being out side, especially playing with the kittens, Sadie, and Duke. I am a happy Girl! Please remember me on Tuesday with you dotd vote, 86561. Arfarf, T.K. Please help me reach my goal of 4,000 votes by March 5th, 2010 Hoping to run for DOTD on March 4th-5th/2011 Hoping to run for DOTM January 2012
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