Weimaraner | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Sulphur Springs, TX

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Hi! My name is Herman. I am a Weimaraner from Sulphur Springs, TX

Nicknames: The Hermanator
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/3/2003
Age: 12
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: About 4 nights after I arrived in my new home, I could tell that something odd was happening at our neighbor's house. I never had gone over there before, but insisted that Mommy walk me over there so I could check it out. She let me sniff around a minute and then took me inside. She didn't get the message at first that something was wrong. So I started marching back and forth like a soldier on duty to warn her. "What is wrong with Herman?" she asked. A few minutes later in the still of the midnight calm, the neighbors 40 foot tree literally just fell over, crashing street poles in half and ripping lines off of several houses. Luckily no one was hurt. Our vet said that I have a special talent to hear the vibrations underground before it happened....wasn't that what I was trying to say?!?! My Mommy and Daddy are most proud that I am an obedient dog. I love to run and play, but always come right to them when they call. I have now been taught to sit, shake hands, and lie down, too. One of my kid owners is going to start training me to be a therapy service dog since everyone loves stop and pet my velvety coat. She has overcome some special challenges and hopes that we can work together to help her feel better and to help others.
My pet peeves: CATS! I hate to be left alone. It makes me do crazy things that I never do when someone is at home...like eat purses and lip gloss. One day, I pulled all of my Dad's dry cleaned shirts on the floor to lay on until he came back home.
My hobbies: I love to take long runs with my Dad.
My favorite hang out spot? A nearby lake with ducks.
My favorite grub: Exlusive PMI and anything on the counter, especially thawing meat. My mom learned not to do that anymore since I got here.
My favorite treat: My favorite treats are Canine Cutouts and anything valuable, irreplacable or inedible.
My favorite tricks: GMy favorite trick is getting things off the counter.
What I love about my owner: I love cuddling and spending time walking with them. My Daddy and Mommy take me on a walk every morning. There are lots of kids in this family that like to play with me and sometimes think I am a floor pillow to watch tv on! I think that they are couch pillows and try to curl up on them like a Yorkie, too. I love it that my owners homeschool, so there is always someone around to love on me. My previous owners said they didn't have time for me, so now I'm a happy dog.
Motto I need, I need, I need!
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