♥ Sheba ♥ loves Harley ♥ RIP Harley 03-20-16 ♥ Thank you all for my March 2016 DOTM!

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Yesterday it was about 80ºF and sunny when we did our morning laps. It felt a bit warmer. Each day is getting warmer and warmer. After our afternoon walk, we went outside to help Mom with her work. Well…I did, not Brandi. She was more interested in sticks, bugs, etc. I like to be right by Mom to supervise and protect her! Mom hosed off the front porch and got all the pollen and bird poop from those baby birds off. Then she planted a new white Rose bush in front of the porch between an existing pink Rose bush and a Gardenia. Her theme for the bushes is 2 red Roses, one white Rose, and 1 pink Rose to the right of the brick steps. Then 1 pink Rose, 1 white Rose and 1 Gardenia. It looks pretty! The Rose bushes are so full and have tons of Roses on them! Mom is keeping a close eye out for those nasty Japanese Beetles that like to devour them. She sprayed the ground to kill the grubs that turn into the beetles. She also has some Japanese Beetle traps that she will put up soon. Last year they worked great so she wants to put them up again. After we were done working out front, we played with my Frisbee and Brandi had her squeaky ring. Brandi took some toys out of the garage while we were working so we had to find them before we went back in! Mom was so hot and tired so after she cleaned up, we had some pizza for dinner. YAY! MMMMM GOOD! Mom rested for the rest of the night. While she was talking to Bill, we had a storm roll thru. It wasn’t bad, though. Some thunder, lightning and some rain for a while and then it was all over. It didn’t last but an hour or so. Good thing because Brandi and Scooter are afraid of storms. Today it was 81ºF and sunny with 90% humidity when we did our morning laps. It was hot and sticky out there! We say two Terrapin turtles. They were on top of each other like a totem pole! BOL! Brandi never saw one and was so curious. Mom had a hard time getting her to leave them alone. After our afternoon walk, Mom has to plant some Petunias in the big pots on the front porch so we will help her with that. My cousin, Sami, is still miserable. Please keep her in your prayers! Some for her Papa, my Uncle Ray, too! He is doing better, but his finger is numb and now he lost the nail on another finger. Have a fun Saturday! Please don't forget to vote for Lokje #209712 for April DOTM! BBS. Lots of sweet Golden Kisses...

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♥ Sheba ♥ loves Harley ♥ RIP Harley 03-20-16 ♥ Thank you all for my March 2016 DOTM!

♥ Sheba ♥ loves Harley ♥ RIP Harley 03-20-16 ♥ Thank you all for my March 2016 DOTM!'s Polls

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