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Yesterday it was 71ºF and mostly cloudy when we did our 3 laps. Then we refilled the bird feeders. The deer are eating tons of seed and sunflower seeds from the feeders! And…they are eating Mom’s flowers! They have all but destroyed her tulips that just bloomed! They have eaten the flowers, leaves and trampled them bad! There are hoof prints all over, so we know it is them! Now Mom is at war with them! She put a solar light by the tulips that blinks all night long. So far that has scared them away. She told me to bark at them and scare them away, too! I sure will! Sad news…an Eastern Phoebe who built a nest on the top of one of our brick porch pillars. The bird makes a sound just like the name is spelled (Fee-Bee). The nest was there last night when we went to bed, but this morning it is all shredded up! Something got the nest and/or the Phoebe! Maybe one of the neighbor’s cats. One was prowling around here last night. We hope that she is alright and just the nest was torn up. Yesterday Mom was busy with her business stuff and then we had to go out to do some work outside while it was nice out. Well…the tire was flat on the mower again! So…Mom had to do all she good to fill it back up with air. It took forever! But…she hopes she got it now. She will check on it in a little while. If it is flat, she will have to get someone to take it off and then take it to the tire place in town. After Mom got air back in the tire, we took stuff out of the garage and put it in the Shop. Then we took boxes down to the burn pile and burned them. We had a good fire! After that, we played Frisbee. Then it was time for dinner. I was sooooo pooped! So was Mom! But…we played with my tennis ball again last night. And…we had some popcorn while we watched some TV! YAY! Today it was only 54ºF and sunny with a cold wind out of the NW when we went out and did our 3 laps. It rained yesterday but not real bad, so Mom figured we could get our laps in. YAY! This afternoon Mom is doing her bedding and cleaning the Master Suite. So…looks like Benny & I get to nap and supervise! Hope you have a great Friday! Don’t forget to vote for Guardian Angels #107173 for March DOTM! BBS. Lots of sweet Golden Kisses…

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♥ Sheba ♥ loves Harley ♥ Vote Guardian Angels #107173 for March DOTM!

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