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Yesterday it was pretty nice out again, in the low 80’s with low humidity and a really nice breeze so we went out to do some work. First we played Frisbee in the backyard in the shade of the trees. It was fun! Then we put the sprinkler on in the back for the new Dogwood trees that Mom planted last Fall. Then we went out front and Mom planted 25 border daylilies as a start to the border on the left of the future walkway to the front porch. I laid in the shade by her and watched. Sometimes I went on the front porch and watched from there. When she was done, we put the mower and cart back in the Shop. Then Mom got the bright idea to finish making the new bracket for towing the tow behind sprayer. She had to mark and drill two holes in the metal with the drill press. After she was done, she showed it to me and it was done right! She cleaned it up and painted it black to match the frame on the sprayer. When she was done with that, we moved the sprinkler and then played Frisbee! YAY! Two times in one day! WOW was I happy! But then I got pooped and took my Frisbee into the garage. Mom knew that I was done playing and wanted to go in, so we did. Mom made my chicken & veggie dinner, she ate her salad and then we rested for a while. Last night was Wednesday night picnic for the kitties. And…guess what? They left me a little of the Chicken and Tuna in gravy! MMMMM GOOD! I was too pooped last night to even want a rawhide to chew on! BOL! Today it was 79ºF and parlty sunny with a really nice breeze and 79% humidity. The humidity is higher as rain is coming in tonight or tomorrow. But… it was pretty nice when we did our 2 laps. We picked up some rocks again. Then we came in, fed the kitties, cleaned their litter boxes and had our Brunch. This afternoon we are going outside to get some more work done & play Frisbee. Mom will be done with planting today and only has weeding left to do! YAY! She really hates that job! Hope you have a fun Thursday!! Don’t forget to vote for Grant #264816 for July DOTM! BBS. Lots of sweet Golden Kisses…

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♥ Sheba ♥ loves Harley ♥ Congrats to Kodiak #263406 June DOTM! Vote Grant #264816 for July DOTM!

♥ Sheba ♥ loves Harley ♥ Congrats to Kodiak #263406 June DOTM! Vote Grant #264816 for July DOTM!'s Polls

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