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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Hi! You are SO ADORABLE!

Welcome, You are so cute. I hope to get to know you better soon. We voted for you. Please come check out our page. Lets us know if you like our page. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. Ruff Ruff

Come visit me, Blackhawk, Golden Knight, Military (Millie) Service Dog, Night Flights

6/3/2012 10:43:36 AM

Hi Minnie

Welcome to DC. I hope to get to know you. I voted for you. Come check out my page. Khia

Come visit me, Khia

6/3/2012 4:41:46 AM

Welcome 2 DC Minnie :) :P :D :]

Hi Minnie, my name's Radar! I might seem new but I've been involved with Dog Channel a.k.a DC fur a very long time. I am stopping by today fur a couple topics. One is fun and games on DC, DOTD, and random stuff bol. Hiya on DC there's tons of cool games to play. My favorite is the dog snake game. Where you go around and eat the tiny food. Every food you eat you get longer. Every 200 points you get faster. Sometimes it puts my paws in a twist but it's super fun! Next is all about DOTD or Dog OF The Day. So ya know the bone at the top of your page that says vote? Well when you click that you get a vote. When you get 100 votes you can be named DOTD. And get you're picture on the home page and the side of the site screen. Like June 2nd winner is Skye. Now fur random stuff i guess bol! So here's a little DC blogging guide: 4 a diamond like this: ♦ You can type & diams ; with no spaces! 4 a heart like this: ♥ you can type & hearts ; with no spaces! Then if you see a dog with the name single at the end that pup is looking for a girl/boy mate to date online. Also BOL is bark out loud instead of laugh out loud. BBS is bark back soon kinda like the human version ttyl (talk to you later) So yeah I'm gonna wrap this up with a BBS ♦ Radar Oh! BTW I love your white fur!

Come visit me, ~ ♥ ~Jessie~ ♥ ~

6/2/2012 8:19:50 PM

welcome to you too minnie

you are of course also adorable, we are so very happy that you have joined and we wish you and your family all the very best :)

Come visit me, Oompa Loompa

6/2/2012 3:30:58 PM


Welcome to DC!

Come visit me, Diesel, Ghost, Luna~ Resting peacefull for eternity, Sassy

6/2/2012 2:31:00 PM

Hi Minnie,

So cute!

Come visit me, Kali, Pheobe

6/2/2012 12:47:24 PM

Hi Minnie! You look soo cute! Welcome to dogchannel! -:l:- VOTE DURANGO #217164 DOTM JUNE -:l:- Durango is a Australian Shepherd from TN he loved dog treats, running and being played with. Durango came to our house when we had our other dog Piper (Who passed away) and my dad didn’t want two dogs at once. We kept him for a little bit, while we looked for his owner (We knew he had one because he had stitches in him). We were unable To find his owner- so we had to the animal shelter because my dad would not Let us keep him. Today I wish I could have kept him, he was the best dog ever. I hope he can have the honor of winning DOTM, I am thankful for every vote. -:l:- VOTE DURANGO #217164 DOTM JUNE -:l:-

Come visit me, ~DURANGO~Vote Me June Dog of the Month

6/2/2012 12:03:53 PM

~A little thing on Hope~

Hey everyone! My friend Charlie just came down with TWO bad tumors caused by his cancer. The poor guy can barely move. We just wanna make him feel special before rainbow bridge comes and takes him away. Vote everyday to show that you care about canine cancer and to help build up the old guys self a steam :) ♥ Radar

Come visit me, ~ ♥ ~Jessie~ ♥ ~

6/2/2012 12:02:15 PM

Welcome Minnie

Hey there! My name is Batman but you can call me B-man for short! You must be new to Dog Channel a.k.a DC. You are a very cute pup! Like so adorable I’m breathless Bol. Oh and you’ll probably hear that often it just mean bark out loud instead of laugh out loud. Well welcome to DC. Since you’re just so cute you’ll make a lot of puppy pals! Everyone is just so friendly on here. There are tons of games; my favorite is the dog snake game. It’s where you use the arrow keys to move and get the little tiny food. Every time you eat one you get longer! Also every 200 points it gets faster!! Sounds easy but sort of hard my point is its fun! Bol! Then there’s wars I guess like breed wars, wag wars, and avatar avengers. In wag wars they give you two dogs and you choose the cutest one then they give you a next pair, also if you find your picture you get 500 points. In breed wars it’s exactly like wag wars but with a specific breed. Than avatar avengers is where they give you not the dog’s picture but the dog’s avatar which is the cartoon dog you can make that is supposed to look like you! Then there's contests you can enter and win PRIZES!!! Then there's Dog Of The Day or DOTD. Which is really fun but takes time. Well you know how there's a bone atop your page that says vote? Well you click that on a dog's page you like or if it says vote me DOTD like my buddy Charlie is doing. If you get 100+ votes you can have your picture posted on the home page and get 1000 points towards your account. So yeah. well next thing i wanna tell you about is points! I've mentioned them a lot in here. There is a use for them :p if you get A LOT of points you can redeem them for prizes but you need like thousands and thousands to get anything good but it's still good to get um. So yeah I'm gonna wrap this up by saying hope we can be friends :) Bark Back Soon (BBS) ♦ Chop Shop and Batman

Come visit me, ♦ Batman ♦ Happy Howldays, :) Past Angels :), ~R.I.P~Charlie~

6/2/2012 11:55:10 AM

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