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I wanted another Chihuahua in 2006 after we got Charlie in 2005. My dad found an ad in the paper and took us to the house. She was the oddball out of her litter. She had shorter legs and longer hair than all the other puppies, and it was love at first sight!

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

How are you doing? I hope you enjoyed a nice long weekend. I haven't been on DC much lately. I've been busy keeping the squirrels in order, playing with Kermit, the usual stuff. And what has mama been doing? Well, she's been hitting her head! Perhaps she was trying to knock some sense into it. Doesn't seem to have worked though. Anyway, in July she went head over heels from her bike and somersaulted onto her head. That concussion affected her for a couple of weeks. And then last month she did the same thing from horseback! She was jumping Prince and he landed and turned into a bucking bronco. She wasn't prepared and off she went. She was knocked out for about half an hour and is slowly getting back to normal from that brain injury. So, what have you been up to? I hope nothing as exciting as around here. Do you remember Acorn? She's the baby squirrel we rescued last year. Well, yesterday was her 1st anniversary of us finding her. We're so happy she made it through the first year and that I haven't eaten her yet. If you want to visit her (she loves dogs) check out her page on the SAC 188686. I hope you're all doing okay. It's great to be back on DC though I won't be blogging quite as often as I would like. Mama is behind on so much and her brain still isn't quite up to par. (When was it? hehe) So, here's a vote and enjoy the rest of your week.

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9/7/2011 2:35:22 AM

Hey there, Gang!

Sorry to hear that you were involved in that evacuation. I bet that was scary!! We are glad that you are all alright! And that you got some rain! YAY! Your Mom wants to be a vet! That is great! Wonderful for her! We hope it all works out for her! It was hot here today. It got to about 87º and was sunny. Well..it was sunny until Dad went out to mow! BOL! It seems that it always rains on him when he does that! BOL! Mom & I are feeling much better and back to normal now! YAY!! Today was boring. I laid around while Mom was going through some things to throw out and was shredding things, too. BORING!! After dinner I played with my feline brother, Benny, while Mom kept Sammie company and talked on the phone. So today wasn't too exciting at all. I never got to tell you about last Saturday!! We drove about 118 miles to Fort Payne, AL to meet up with Merlin and his family. It was a pretty hot day, but we had a great time! We met at DeSoto State Park, which is very pretty. We spent about 5 hours in the Picnic area talking and getting to know each other. Our pawrents really hit it off! Merlin's pawrents are great!! And lots of fun!! Merlin is much cuter in person! He is a handsome guy!! And so sweet, too! His brother, Arthur, is a cutie too! They have a big van that they travel in, too! Neat!! We didn't do much playing as it was so hot out. While our pawrents talked, we all just enjoyed laying on the concrete in the covered picnic area. Merlin got me a cute bandana!! You probably saw it in my photos on my page. I love it! I got him and Arthur each a cute rope toy. I hope they like it. Both Mom's took pictures but are waiting to exchange them and collaborate on a Smilebox. That will happen after they get back home to Ohio. I will send it around after it is all done. We have already said that we WILL meet again!! That would be great!! But for now...it will be a long distance friendship. Well..it is getting late. Got to run. Hope you had a great day! BBS. Left you each a vote and lots of Golden Kisses....

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7/29/2011 9:41:14 PM

Hi Angel Keely

I am glad that the fires did not get to your house. Our summer has been pretty hot and humid. We had a big storm yesterday. But once the sun came back out, whew!! It sure heated up again. Leaving you a vote. kisses, Shotgun

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7/29/2011 4:27:18 PM

Hi Keely Fiona and Siblings!

I hope this email finds you and your family doing well. I apologize for the c/p, but Mom’s fingers and hands are still hurting and making it difficult for her to type each individual email separately, so we thought this would at least be a way to send emails out to our friends. It is a very hot and humid day again here in Winchester, VA, with the weatherman stating that the high for today will be 102, with a higher heat index. He also said that this is the hottest July 29th in this area since one time back in the 1920’s. He also said that we can expect the temperatures in August and September to be in the 90’s, with it sometimes reaching the three digits in August and possibly in early September. We are staying inside except to use the potty, and are drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. Luckily, we have A/C upstairs and two fans in the Family Room downstairs, where it normally stays a few degrees cooler anyway. All 3 of us Shih Tzus are feeling good and doing well, but in this heat we are mostly lying in our favorite spots and resting. As I am sure Rufus and Momma Kay mentioned, this heat has caused Mom’s health problems to get worse, so she spends a lot of time resting, in bed, or just playing games for a few hours on the computer because it doesn’t require her to type, just use the mouse. Dad is working a lot of overtime right now, because of coworkers’ vacations and because things are busy at the company where he works. The Frederick County Fair is happening all this week, but many people who planned to attend aren’t able to because of the heat. I hope that you are having a great day and that you will enjoy your weekend, and I am pawing you a vote! Love & Hugs, Your Pal, Pongo

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7/29/2011 11:51:21 AM


sorry the summer break is almost over for your mom. but sounds like she is going to have a great year. oh and sorry about all the fires and problems out your way. so glad you all stayed safe even if you had to be evacuated. that had to be scary. stop by when you all have time. nothing but heat going on here. wishing you all a very wonderful night and a super terrific tomorrow. love, hugs and prayers, Rufus and momma Kay


7/28/2011 5:48:29 PM

Hi Angel Keely!

Sorry to hear about the fires by you! Glad you are all okay though. Another nice day in the mid 60's earlier this afternoon and low 70's now. We went outside for a photo shoot but mommy still wasn't happy with the results!! We went out too late or it was too cloudy, because the colors were duller than we normally would've liked...with flash it gave us too much of the "unnatural colors" instead of just brightening the pictures up a little, so that didn't work either...so that means that again, once we get some good lighting, we'll probably be out there doing more pictures. Have a nice night..pawed a vote. *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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7/27/2011 7:42:32 PM

Hi Keely

It has been monsoon season here since last year. We could of provided enough water to put out your fire from our basement. Sure happy to hear you are all safe. Our Dad was in a fire years ago so we know they are nothing to mess with. We got a new swimming pool for Rugers birthday . We go swimming almost every day. Tonight Mom went with us,it was so much fun. Left you a vote

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7/27/2011 5:57:28 PM

7/27/2011 4:47:20 PM

Happy Birthday, Keely Fiona!

Stopping by with birthday wishes for you. Hope you had a great day celebrating! BBS. Left you a birthday vote and lots of Golden Kisses...

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7/17/2011 10:54:08 PM

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